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Recurring Plans and Subscriptions

Automatic and Customizable Cash Flow

Helcim Commerce comes loaded with a powerful subscription management and recurring billing tool at a fraction of the cost of similar single-purpose recurring software, integrated beautifully into our all-in-one experience. It’s another way Helcim Commerce empowers businesses of all sizes to do more.

You can generate unlimited custom recurring billing plans – from simple monthly plans with a set amount, to plans that can accommodate pro-rated amounts, one-time fees, add-ons, metered billing entries and free trials. Build the plans you want and get your customers to subscribe!

Secure and Simple Customer Interactions

Manage Subscribers and Collect Payments Safely

Helcim Commerce offers convenient and efficient ways to add to and maintain your subscriber base. The built-in Customer Management system makes it easy to create new customers or add existing ones to a plan. Powerful tools like hosted payment pages and the customer portal can be customized with the theme editor or custom CSS. This allows payment tools to blend seamlessly with your website and branding. At the same time, you store your sensitive subscriber data directly on Helcim’s secure platform, reducing your PCI obligations.

You can also keep your subscribers in the loop using Commerce’s array of customizable automatic emails, such as advance notice of an expiring trial subscription or upcoming billing.

Dunning management and Churn Analysis Infographic

Dunning Management and Churn Analysis

Know What's Going on With Your Customers

Automated dunning management tools keep your subscribers engaged and payments flowing. Helcim Commerce will automatically notify a customer about a card on file that is about to expire, at which point they can log into their customer portal and update their payment information, all by themselves.

When a subscriber does decide to cancel their subscription, churn analysis reports help you figure out why, guiding you to solutions that could keep subscriptions active longer.

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Trials Subscriptions

Building Your Relationships Step-by-Step

Not everyone is an easy sell. Let them give your service a try with trial subscriptions. You can pick the length of trial, and then easily turn trial subscriptions into live accounts by either using auto-activation or the automatic email prompt.

Tailor Made Plans

Unique Solutions for Your Unique Customers

Helcim Commerce features an array of tools that lets you customize a subscription and offer your subscribers unique services and experiences.

Infographic showing a how the Metered billing and the add-ons work

Pro Rata Billing

When activated, new subscribers or plan add-ons are automatically billed from their date of activation – no over or under charging.

Metered Billing

Metered billing allows you to add charges for specific usage to subscriptions, which reset every month. You can manually enter monthly totals, or automatically upload data usage.

One-Time & Add-Ons

Have an initial setup fee? A special event? Subscriptions can be set to automatically bill this for you, both as one-time fees, or ongoing additional subscription amounts.