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Ingenico iCT250

High-Speed Wired Terminal

Next-Generation Terminal

The Ingenico iCT250 is the flag-ship of a new generation of payment terminals. Through Ingenico's centralized "Magic Box" connector, the device acts as both the terminal and the customer PIN Pad. By connecting your Internet (or phone line) cable and power connection to the Magic Box, the terminal can easily be handed to customers for PIN-based transactions.

Hardware Specifications

Connectivity (through Magic Box)
High-Speed Internet   (through ethernet network cable)
Dial-Up   (phone line) Can be used as Primary or Backup
Card Readers
EMV (Chip-Card) Reader
NFC (Tap & Pay) Reader
Magnetic Stripe
Manually Keyed
Optional Customer Tip Prompts Amount, Percentage & Tip Recommendations
Clerk / Server IDs and Reports
Thermal Printer
Printer Speed 18 Lines per Second
Paper Rolls 2-1/4" Thermal Paper - 60'
Optional Secondary PIN Pad
PIN Pad Hardware Ingenico iPP320
PIN Pad Purchase Price $299 per unit

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