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Terminal Exchange

Seamlessly Switch to Your New Processor

Exchange Your Terminal or PIN-Pad

Have an existing terminal from our compatible list below? Our $75 exchange program (includes all shipping costs) will make your switch to Helcim seamless. Keep using your existing terminal until ours arrives. We will send you a refurbished terminal already programmed, key-injected and ready to process all credit, PIN-debit and chip cards! You then return your existing terminal in the same box that was sent to you, shipping label included.

Equipment Reprogramming

Hoping to keep using your existing equipment? We do offer reprogramming for free. However, it is important to note that with the October 2015 EMV liability update, we can no longer reprogram terminals that are not PCI and EMV compliant. Some compatible terminals may not be successfully be reprogrammed. This could be because of model numbers, base operating system, equipment damage or other factors. In such an event, we offer a very affordable equipment exchange program.

Compatible Terminals & PIN-Pads

  Exchange EMV PIN-Debit
Ingenico ICT220
Ingenico ICT250
Ingenico IWL220
Ingenico IWL250
IPP320 PIN-Pad
iSC250 PIN-Pad
Verifone VX520     (must be part # M252-653-A3-NAA)
Verifone VX680 GPRS
Verifone VX680 Bluetooth
Verifone Vx820 PIN-Pad

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