International Payments.

Scale your business. Accept payments from customers around the world with our built-in international payment options.

International Payments with Helcim
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International Credit Card Processing

International Credit Card Processing.

Use your Helcim account to accept credit card payments from customers located almost anywhere in the world. Regardless of their own credit card's currency, they will be charged in your local currency, and you will receive the funds in your currency, without any conversions. Your customer's bank will process the conversion at the time of the transaction. These transactions are subject to their own Visa and Mastercard rates, called international interchange.

View Visa International Interchange Rates View Mastercard International Interchange Rates

Example of an International Credit Card Transaction

  1. You charge $100 CAD to a customer located in the UK.
  2. As the merchant, you receive a deposit of $100 CAD in your bank.
  3. The customer is charged approximately £67.90 (British Pounds) based on today's exchange rate, with the final amount appearing on their credit card statement.

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