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Merchant Account Fees

Helcim Account Fees

Below are the fees that we charge for our merchant services. As part of our commitment to transparency, these fees are clearly displayed on our website.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee ($) for your merchant account package. This fee includes a Visa, MasterCard and Discover merchant account registration, deposits to your bank account, our PCI program, online reporting, 24/7 telephone technical support and access to your processing platform such as the Virtual Terminal or Mobile App.

Per Transaction

The transaction fee (¢) charged on every transaction. This applies to all credit and debit transactions.

Cost+ Rate

The percentage (%) charged on top of the Interchange Cost. This pricing method applies to all of our solutions. To learn more about Cost+ pricing, click here.

Equipment Reprogramming Fee

If you already have existing equipment, you may still be able to use Helcim as your processor. We charge a one-time reprogramming fee for updating your terminal so that it can communicate with our payment network. Learn more about equipment reprogramming.

Equipment Purchase

US merchants can also purchase terminals from Helcim. This is a one-time purchase of the equipment. View available terminals.

Visa & MasterCard Card-Brand Fees

Card-brand fees are levied by the Visa, MasterCard and Discover networks. For Cost+ merchants, card-brand fees are passed through as part of the interchange cost table. You can view these here.

Visa Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF)

In 2012, Visa began charging a Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF) to retail and keyed merchants. This fee is a fixed monthly fee based on your volume and is calculated as part of the Cost+ Interchange. You can view these here.

International Cross-Border Fees

Visa and MasterCard charge a cross-border fee if your customer is outside of the US to help manage currency exchanges. These fees are a straight pass-through without markup. You can view these here.

Bank Account Change / Business Name Change / NSF Fee

This per-occurence fee ($25) applies in the event that you decide to change the business name that appears on your customer's credit card statements, or that you decide to change the bank account that receives your processed funds.

Processing fees for the processed funds are removed from your bank account at the end of each month, as well as any applicable fees (such as the monthly fee). It is your responsibility to keep an appropriate balance in your bank account for these fees. In the event that these fees cannot be debited, a NSF fee ($25) will apply and another withdrawal may be attempted within the same month. If these additional withdrawals fail, you will be notified of the overdue account. Merchants with an overdue account risk having their account closed.

Chargeback Fee

In the event that a customer files a complaint with their credit card bank against a transaction you processed, you will be notified and be given a 30-day window to dispute the complaint and the chargeback fee ($15) will be applied for the occurrence.

Voice Authorization Fee

In the event that a cardholder bank requires further information to authorize a transaction, the terminal or virtual terminal may display the message "CALL AUTH CENTER", giving you the option to call the voice authorization center and obtain approval code. Voice authorizations are 65 cents for touchtone and $2.50 for operated assisted (voice authorizations for International transactions may have a pass-through cost from the issuing bank)

PCI Non-Compliance Fee

Included in your monthly package with Helcim, you gain access to the Sysnet PCI Self-Assessment Center. New merchants have 90 days to complete the PCI questionaire and confirm compliance. If you do not confirm your PCI compliance after 90 days of opening your account, a $60/mth PCI non-compliance fee will apply. Click here for more info.


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