Helcim is a PCI Level-1 Compliant

Being PCI Level-1 Compliant means we go through rigorous on-site audits, penetration testing and inspections to maintain the highest level of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The PCI-DSS dictates security requirements for accessing, transmitting and storing credit card data. This allows us to be displayed on the Visa and MasterCard global list of compliant service providers.

Certified for all Major Card Networks

We Protect Customer Information

By trusting us with your data storage, you can also access every tool you need to shift your data liability. Choose to let us secure the payment and personal information of your customers so you don’t have to be responsible for this data on your systems or servers.

Reassure your customers that you’ve chosen to protect their personal information under the industry’s highest standards.

Two-Factor Authentication

At Helcim, we take security seriously. That’s why when you log in to your Helcim account, you have two-factor authentication. This gives you a double layer of protection through your password, the first factor, and using an identifier that is more unique to you, such as a text message sent to your phone or your IP address. Even if someone else figures out your password, your account is protected by your second unique authentication factor.

Encryption Matters

Your Helcim data is protected using the highest industry standards; an encryption cipher known as AES256. This makes your data indecipherable and only we have the key to unlock it. To protect the connection between your mobile device or computer Helcim only supports TLSv1.2. It is the replacement of the older standards (SSLv3, TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1), which are far easier to break and still run on old systems, such as Windows XP. If your computer is running the old standard, you can update it by using a browser that supports TLSv1.2, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge and update to Windows 10.