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Easy Credit Card Processing

The Virtual Terminal is our most popular payment solution.
Login using the web-browser on your PC, MAC, tablet, or
smart-phone and authorize credit card transactions in real-time.

All-in-One Package

Start accepting credit card payments with the Virtual Terminal. We offer a complete online payment platform ready for your recurring billing cycles, email invoice requests for total payment automation. It also includes a payment gateway API for developer integration, online payments through our hosted payment page and third-party shopping cart integration. You can also securely store credit cards through our Card Vault.

There is no need to signup for a third-party gateway and pay gateway fees.
Even our PCI program is included as part of our monthly package.

Discover our Virtual Terminal Features:

Helcim Works Together

We make all your online payments talk together, beautifully.


Make Things Easy for Repeat Customers

Wendy is an accountant finalizing a tax return for her client John. Using the Invoice Payment Request feature, she sends John an automatic email. John receives his email, clicks on the link and enters his credit card information securely.

Having received the payment, Wendy logs into her Helcim Virtual Terminal account. She clicks on John's transaction and decides to add him to her "Customer List". John's billing and credit card information is now securely saved in the Virtual Terminal's credit card vault.

On her next project with John, she simply uses the card on file to process a new transaction.


Make Your Payments Seamless

Andy rents a series of summer cabins. Melissa, a new customer, visits Andy's website and decides to rent a two-bedroom unit by the water. Using the Hosted Payment Page, Melissa puts a security deposit on the unit.

Andy sends an email to Melissa thanking her for reservation and provides her with directions to the cabin. After she completes her stay, Andy logs into his Helcim Virtual Terminal account and finds Melissa's original transaction. He then creates a new transaction using her original billing and credit card information and processes the remaining balances. Melissa receives an email receipt of the transaction, happy not having to call-in and provide her credit card information again.

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