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Trust, Transparency and Fair Pricing

What Makes Us Unique?

When you visit our website, you quickly realize that we operate differently than other payment processors. To begin with, our complete rates are listed on our website, with no 'teaser' or 'introductory' rates. While this may seem like a common-sense approach, our competitors do not share our need for complete transparency.

The credit card processing industry is plagued with hidden fees, loose sales tactics and long-term contracts. In an industry like this, we are proud to be the odd-man out; to take the path less travelled. We believe that by educating our merchants on the inner workings of our trade, we build trust in our team, in our company and in our services.

We sleep better at night knowing that our clients receive a great service at a fair price.

Our Competition

The Bank-Owned Processors

First, you have the large bank-owned providers who dominate the market. Most merchants are referred to these through their branch. Unfortunately, sub-par service, high-fees and long-term contracts soon become apparent.

The Brokers and Resellers

Even more notorious than the banks are the brokers and resellers. These companies and their many sales reps have tarnished their reputations by using aggressive call-centers, advertising deceptive rates and convincing merchants to sign non-cancelable equipment lease agreements.

The Aggregators

Finally we have the third-party aggregators (like PayPal). While these have their place in the market, most merchants will quickly outgrow their services. High percentages, little telephone customer service and your money being deposited into an online "wallet" soon becomes frustrating.

Where Does Helcim Fit In?

We like to think that we offer the best parts of payment processing without the drawbacks. Like the bank-owned processors, we provide you with a certified merchant account linked directly to your bank account. Your funds are deposited daily to your bank, and only your business name appears on your customers credit card statements. Unlike the banks and the resellers however, we offer low-rates to all our merchants through our Cost+ pricing, without any cancelation fees, or terminal lease agreements. We've also developed innovative payment solutions that make your processing more efficient.

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