Helcim Mobile Payment App on iPhone X with Card Reader

Accept Payments On The Go

Mobile App For Your iPhone, iPad or Android

The Helcim mobile app is part of our all-in-one Helcim Commerce platform. Our card-readers transform your iPhone, iPad or Android smart-phone and tablet into a payment terminal.

By using the card-readers, you speed up your transactions and take advantage of the lower Visa and MasterCard "card-present" processing rates. You can also process payments by manually entering your customer's credit card information into your phone.

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Built-In Merchant Account

All of Helcim's services come with a built-in merchant account, meaning that you can accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Deposits are made directly to your bank account, and you receive low processing rates thanks to our Cost+ pricing.

Unlimited Users & Devices

We want you to grow your team and your business. That's why we don't charge any per-user or per-device fees. You can download the app to an unlimited number of devices, and your data will sync accross them immediately. You can stay connected using Helcim Commerce to view what's happening in real time.

Receipts & Signatures

Transactions are processed in real time using your device's 3G or WiFi connection. Once a card is swiped and approved, customers are prompted for a signature using your device's touch screen. The payment is saved in your transaction history. You can also send a receipt to your customer automatically.

Mobile Card-Reader

Compatible with most Apple and Android devices (including tablets), our mobile reader connects using your device's audio-jack.