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Our Helcim Mobile Card-Readers transform your iPhone, iPad or Android smart-phone and tablet into a payment terminal. Using our downloadable payment app, transactions are processed in real-time using your device's 3G or WiFi connection.

Using the card-reader speeds up your transactions and let's you take advantage of lower Visa and MasterCard processing rates.


Download the Helcim Commerce Mobile for Android or iOS, and connect the card-reader to your smart-phone. Once a card is swiped, transactions are processed in real-time and customers are prompted for a signature using your device's touch screen. A receipt is sent via email automatically.

Not on location? No worries! You can also process payments by manually entering your customer's credit card information into your phone.

Unlimited Users and Devices

Our mobile app package includes a central Virtual Terminal. Simply login using the web-browser on your PC, MAC or tablet. From this central interface, you can browse through your transaction history, process new sales, issue refunds and void transactions as needed.

The Virtual Terminal also lets you create unique user IDs, giving managed access to each of your staff. Your staff members can then use their individual card-readers and smart-phones to process payments on-the-go. Transactions processed from all devices are automatically synchronized with your Virtual Terminal master account.

Helcim Mobile
Universal Card-Reader

The Helcim Mobile Card-Reader allows you to accept credit card transactions with ease. Compatible with most Apple and Android devices (including tablets), it connects using your device's audio-jack. Once connected, the reader encrypts the credit card data before it enters your phone. The device can be used by all your users over multiple Helcim merchant accounts.

Hardware Specifications

Apple Device Support iPhone Gen 4S, 5, 6 and 7     iPad all generations
Apple OS Support iOS 9 or greater
Android OS Support Android 4.4+
Track Data Track 1 and 2
Output Headphone jack (9mm)
Power Internal Battery - 20,000 transactions
Encryption Triple DES on device

Our Complete Processing Solution


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