Elevate your business with a cutting-edge POS system.

Save time and money by transforming your workstation, tablet or smartphone into a powerful point-of-sale to accept in-person payments.

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POS - tablet

Built for your desktop checkoutexperience.

POS - desktop

Built for your mobile checkoutexperience.

POS - smartphone
  • POS - tablet

    Built for your tablet checkoutexperience.

  • POS - desktop

    Built for your desktop checkoutexperience.

  • POS - smartphone

    Built for your mobile checkoutexperience.

All the features. None of the fees.

Everything you need to get paid at your checkout without extra fees or having to buy any expensive POS screens or hardware.

  • Smart reports to grow your business.

    Learn what your customers really want by easily viewing customer sales trends, best-selling items, and more right from your dashboard. All your data is filtered into useful and actionable insights to help you grow your business.

  • Up to-date inventory with automatic synchronization.

    Easily setup and manage your product inventory. Sell with confidence knowing that your inventory is always accurate and updated, even with multiple devices or different locations.

  • Save money and empower your team with unlimited users.

    Create as many user accounts as you need as your grows at no additional cost. Plus, create unique user permissions to control access to sensitive information and customize user capabilities.

Accept credit card payments with one standalone terminal. Accept credit card payments with one standalone terminal. Learn more about the Helcim Smart Terminal

  • Accept payments, manage inventory, and uncover sales insights all from one credit card terminal
  • Built-in thermal receipt printer

Or 5 monthly payments of $82 CAD
Or 5 monthly payments of $68 US
One standalone smart terminal

Build your own POS
setup at your
shop. clinic. business. shop.

Install the Helcim Payments app on devices you already own to begin taking payments with the Helcim Card Reader.

Desktop Workstation

Download the Helcim Payments app onto your Mac or Windows computer or laptop to create a modern solution for the traditional checkout experience. You can take payments from the point-of-sale in the app and easily access your product and inventory information.

Desktop Workstation


Download the Helcim Payments App onto your tablet for a sleek and versatile point-of-sale experience. You can mount the tablet in a stand for a traditional countertop checkout experience, or bring it with you to pop-up events for quick and easy mobile transactions.

Tablet Workstation


Download the Helcim Payments app onto your smartphone for a mobile point-of-sale to serve your customers anywhere. A portable, handheld option to allow your customers to pay you wherever your business takes you.

Smartphone Workstation

*Bluetooth connectivity available on Mac, iOS and Android devices

The Helcim Card Reader.

Powerful, versatile, and affordable, the Helcim Card Reader pairs with any device and allows you to take payments at your checkout or on-the-go.

Learn more about the Helcim Card Reader
Helcim colored card readers with popcorn



  • Tap & Pay
  • Chip & Pin
  • PIN debit
  • Debit Tap
Card Reader - Setup

We've taken the stress out of setup.

  1. Sign up your free Helcim account
  2. Download the Helcim Payments app onto your existing device
  3. Connect your device to your Helcim Card Reader
  4. Log in to the Helcim Payments app to start taking payments!

In just four easy steps, you’re ready to start taking payments from your customers, clients, or patients.

We're building the world's most loved payments company.

  • "Absolutely love everything about them! I've recommended Helcim to all of my customers who run credit cards, definitely one of the best companies to go through!!"

    - High Voltage Action Sports

  • "I never thought I could love a credit card processing company. But they have a loyal customer here at Thrive With Wellness!"

    - Kyla Phillips

  • "Very happy with everyone I've dealt with at Helcim. Love their positive can-do attitude. "

    - Danny Mancini

  • "As a small business owner I absolutely love Helcim!"

    - Dr. Shea Miller


  • What is a POS system?

    A POS, or point-of-sale, system allows you to accept in-person payments through some sort of physical or software interface. Put simply, when you have a customer or client in front of you and you’re looking to take their payment, you can use a POS to accept and record credit or debit card transactions at your checkout. Whether an old school cash register or a modern tablet, a POS is where and how you take payment.

  • What do I need to start using the Helcim Point-Of-Sale?

    All you need to start using our POS system is a free Helcim account, the Helcim Card Reader, and any device with internet connectivity. Simply download the Helcim app on your chosen device, connect it to the card reader, and start processing payments

  • How much does the POS software and card reader cost?

    The Helcim Point-of-Sale is included when you sign up for your free Helcim account, so you only pay a one-time cost of $109 USD for the Helcim Card Reader. No monthly fees or complicated long-term equipment leases – the machine is yours to keep.

  • What other hardware devices can I integrate with the POS?

    In addition to the Helcim Card Reader, you can customize your in-store experience by adding a barcode scanner or cash drawer.

  • Can I print receipts from my POS system?

    Yes, after completing a payment, the payment screen will allow you to print a copy of the receipt if you have a printer, or email it to your customers if you’re looking for a paper-free option.

  • Can I process partial payments or take deposits?

    Yes! You can select options to split payments by value (percentage or dollar amount) or by payment method. Your transaction will be marked as partially paid so you can easily see what order has a balance outstanding.

  • Can I apply discounts or accept tips?

    Absolutely! Either use an existing discount code or process a manual discount and enable, disable, or add preset tipping options by dollar amount or by percentage during the checkout process.

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What's in the box?

The list of accessories that are included in the box when you buy the Helcim Card Reader.

  • Helcim Card Reader
  • Card reader stand
  • Power cables
  • Window stickers

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