Helcim Product & Inventory Manager.

Data automatically syncs across all your sales channels, whether you're selling through your point-of-sale, at a retail location, online, or by sending invoices.

Helcim Product & Inventory Manager
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Inventory Management Simplified.

Keep Your Business Organized and Running Efficiently

One centralized product catalog means that all of your data stays in one place, helping you stay organized and on top of your inventory at all times. Generate insightful reports to know which products are your most popular and receive alerts when inventory levels drop below a specified amount. Data automatically syncs across all your sales channels, whether you're selling through your point-of-sale, at a retail location, online, or sending invoices.

  • View your products from any device
  • Inventory syncs across all sales channels
  • Receive product alerts when inventory is low
  • Insightful reporting
  • Organizational tools categorize products
  • Customizable based on your needs
Import and Export Product
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Fast and Easy Setup.

Easily Add and Organize Your Products

Import and Export Product
  • Upload Product Images

    Add multiple, high-resolution photos for each of your products. You can also mass upload images and have them automatically mapped to the corresponding product.

  • Import and Export Products

    Easily upload as many products as you want from a CSV spreadsheet in minutes, add products and adjust stock as needed.

  • Create Product Variants

    Set up your product catalog the right way by creating a single item and branching it into multiple product variants (such as colors or sizes). You can set a unique SKU and price to each variant, and individually manage the inventory levels of each. You can also set attributes to each product, allowing customers to compare the specs each one and find exactly what they need.

  • Add Categories, Brands and Collections

    Organize your growing product catalog into categories and sub-categories, allowing your customers to find items more easily and giving you control over where each one can be sold. You can also assign each product to a brand. Looking to organize further? You can assign products to unique collections, such as seasonal sales.

Import and Export Product
Helcim's Powerful Payments are Bulit-in

Helcim's Powerful Payments are Built-In.

As with all of our tools, payments are central to the experience. Even with online payments, you benefit from Helcim's lower rates and fast deposits.


Transparency, low rates, smart tools and amazing service! Many merchants have been dragged through the mud by their prior processor, with hidden fees, contracts, and terrible service. We’ve built our reputation on being the opposite. We care about building long-term relationships with our merchants - which means offering you the payment service you’ve been looking for.

Have more questions? Email or give us a call. Our in-house team of Helcim Gurus is here to share their knowledge, answer your questions and point you in the right direction. No commissions, no pressure.

If your business is looking for a better way to accept credit and debit cards online or in-person, then Helcim is the payments company for you. Helcim offers a wide range of payment tools and software solutions to make it faster and easier for you to get paid.

No! We want to help small businesses grow and thrive, so there are no monthly fees. Your Helcim account allows you to process both in-person and online payments with great low processing rates. You also get full access to all of our merchant tools and benefit from our amazing customer service team.

For Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other card-brands, we offer Interchange Plus pricing to give you complete transparency and greater savings. By passing the base cost directly to you and only charging for a single markup, Interchange Plus pricing gives you significant savings. By knowing our cost as well as our markup, we promote a fully transparent partnership which means no surprises on your monthly statement!

To calculate your rates for in-person and online transactions, you can visit our pricing page.

Yes! And there is no need to call and renegotiate rates. Our Interchange Plus margin automatically decreases the more you process, helping you save even more.

You can view our complete volume discounts on our pricing page.

No! You can close your account anytime without any penalty and there are no hidden fees. You never again have to worry about setup fees, termination fees, quarterly fees, PCI & non-compliance fees, customer service fees, or bank deposit fees.

Deposits will appear in your bank account within 2 business days, depending on the time of day that your transactions are settled. Transactions processed over the weekend or bank holidays are initialized for deposit on the following business day. Your daily transactions are batched together, and deposited to your bank account net of processing fees.

The Helcim Shop is built right into your account dashboard, and is accessible immediately after signing up. You can order card readers, stands, printers and more directly from there.

Shipping is free and takes 2-3 business days via FedEx or UPS ground. Any equipment purchases are charged to your bank account on file. We do not currently offer rentals nor payment plans.

No! You can use your existing bank account, provided by your financial institution or credit union. Sole proprietors can use a personal bank account. Incorporated business and partnerships are required to use a business bank account

Law firms and other businesses that require separate trust and operating bank accounts are able to customize the flow of deposits and fees to meet their needs.

You can sign up directly on our website using your computer or mobile phone. There is no need for complicated paperwork nor signatures. The signup form takes as little as 5-minutes, asking you to enter basic information about your business, address and contact information.

Once you create your Helcim account, you can begin using it right away! Get started here.

You Deserve Better Payments.

Lower Rates. Better Tools. Amazing Service.

  • Easily Sign Up in Minutes
  • No Hidden Fees or PCI fees
  • Interchange Plus Pricing
  • No Contracts or Commitments
  • Deposits in 1-2 Business Days
  • Friendly Service via Telephone or Email