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We help small businesses accept credit cards and save money while they’re getting paid.

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A team that cares.

Helcim was founded with a mission at heart. We believe that by offering small businesses in North America a decidedly human payment processing solution that is easier to sign up and use while being transparent and affordable, we can empower them to grow and prosper. 

Simply put, helping small businesses thrive is at the very core of our business model, and we think that’s a great way to do business.

We’re building the world’s most loved payments company.

From the very start, we knew that we wanted to be different from every other credit card processor out there and redefine what small businesses could expect from their payments provider. Starting out as a small business ourselves, we know what it's like to be an honest business just trying to grow and to be treated fairly.

We want to ensure the merchants we serve feel supported and see us as a trusted partner rather than simply just another “cost of doing business.”

We are relentless in our pursuit to provide a radically transparent and honest payments solution that flat out saves business owners money, all while treating them like human beings.

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My advice to business owners is: get on Helcim as soon as you can.

Sumit Munjal

Manager Production & Programming, Calgary Pride More Helcim Reviews

What do we believe in?

Helcim has always been a values-driven company that leads by example, gets involved in our community, and always tries to do things the right way.

We choose the harder path.

We believe that the right decisions are usually the harder ones. We embrace the challenge and endure when others quit. We choose what is difficult and make ourselves resilient so we can persevere.

We choose the harder path

We are company of many.

We are stronger because of our collective passion, intelligence, and fellowship. We believe great teams can accomplish great things, and we ask the very best of each other. Together we create our future.

We are a company of many

We are trustworthy.

We earn trust by striving to be our best selves and lifting those around us. We recognize that trust is hard to earn, easy to lose, and tested continuously over time, so we make trust our way of life.

We are trustworthy

We are builders.

We build things ourselves, and we build them well. We use technology and our creativity to overcome challenges that would seem beyond our sized. WE invent our way out of problems, improve what is already there, and we never stop dreaming of better.

We are builders
We choose the harder path
We are a company of many
We are trustworthy
We are builders

Say hello to our amazing team.

A ship can only go as far as its crew takes it. The talented Helcim team is made up of diverse and driven individuals from every corner of the planet who love to build and build together.

  • Nicolas Beique

    Nicolas Beique

    Founder & CEO

  • Marjorie Junio-Read

    Marjorie Junio-Read

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brett Popkey

    Brett Popkey

    Chief Technology Officer

Be a part of Helcim Nation.

We might be biased, but we think Helcim is a great place to work! We’re proud of the passionate and inclusive culture we have built and we’re always excited to bring more talented, energetic, and people into the mix.

We’d love to get connected.

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