Compare your merchant statement.

See how much you could save on processing fees with Helcim through our two options below.

Option A Upload your statement

Upload a recent statement from your existing provider and we will prepare a comparison based on your current rates and fees.

Option B Use online calculator

Rather do it yourself? Use our simple online comparison tool to compare your existing rates and calculate your savings.

Merchant calculate savings with Helcim

Real numbers. Real savings. Four easy steps.

  1. Input your country and your total processing fees with your current provider
  2. Provide the type & frequency of the transactions you run 
  3. Provide an estimate of the % share of the card brands you accept
  4. Calculate savings!


  • What is a merchant statement analysis or statement comparison?

    Merchant account statement comparisons allow you to run your own statements with different providers’ pricing structure to see the costs of payment processing fees.

  • What are the benefits of running a statement comparison?

    Running a statement comparison can help you identify potential cost savings and gain insights into your credit card processing fees. By comparing different providers' pricing structures, you can make informed decisions to reduce processing fees.

  • Is Helcim’s statement comparison tool free?

    Helcim's statement comparison tool is free of charge.

  • What happens after I upload my statement?

    After uploading your statement, it will be analyzed by our Sales team and will get back to you in 3-5 business days with a complete comparison with Helcim. You may also use this time to ask our team questions about our rates, tools, and steps to switch to Helcim.

  • What happens after I run my statement’s numbers?

    After analyzing your statement's numbers, you’ll be emailed a PDF file of the Helcim equivalent of your statement and see the processing costs and potential savings with our rates. This information can help you make more informed decisions about your current payment processing services and be able to seamlessly switch to Helcim.

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The proof is in the savings.

We’re proud to have thousands of Helcim merchants who we help save an average of 25%* on fees. You could be one of them too.

Calculated from first-party data when compared to the average market flat rate.

  • Jade and Dagger saves with Helcim
  • Zeno saves with Helcim
  • Jade and Dagger saves with Helcim


    Jade and Dagger saves 36% in processing fees with Helcim's Smart Terminal and Invoicing tool.

    Jade is taking payment
  • Zeno saves with Helcim


    Zeno Renewables gains massive wins with 22% in processing fee savings using Helcim Invoicing.

    Zeno merchant is installing solar panel

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