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    "It's hard to say you'll find a merchant services provider that includes as many capabilities as Helcim. With the Helcim Commerce platform, in particular, you have more features than just credit card processing-plus, you have access to all of your information and functionalities in one place."

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    PC Magazine

    "Helcim provides credit card processing the way small businesses need it: with complete transparency. All of its pricing is clearly spelled out on its website and if anything confuses you, the company provides a host of online tutorials and how-to guides."

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    Merchant Maverick

    "Helcim scores an excellent 5 out of 5 stars and qualifies as one of the best overall merchant account providers in the industry. They earn our highest recommendation, and we encourage you to check out what they have to offer."

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    Top Ten Reviews

    "Helcim is one of the most user-friendly merchant services providers on the market, and its monthly billing schedule allows you to terminate the service swiftly if it's not working for you... It also offers a very competitive pricing offer, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions for SMBs... All this makes Helcim one of the best credit card processing services we reviewed."

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    Business Dough

    "With their transparent pricing and stellar reputation, you really can't go wrong with Helcim. If you're a smaller merchant processing less than $2,500/month then there are cheaper options for you, but other than that there really isn't much to complain about with these guys."

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    Biz Brain

    "Helcim isn't shy about disclosing their prices and fees. On top of this, they are reasonably priced. Retail stores pay one of the lowest transaction costs in the market, without having to worry about a monthly minimum."

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    "Helcim has much to offer brick-and-mortar and online merchants alike. With its comprehensive suite of processing services available month-to-month along with transparent rates and fees, there's plenty to celebrate."

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    "With a built-in merchant account and those transparent processing rates Helcim gets off to a great start, but the system is also wonderfully easy to use."

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    "Helcim does a nice job letting merchants know upfront what it may cost to process credit cards. With their useful tools and breakdown of each fee, merchants can have a good idea of how much it will cost them to remain competitive and accept credit cards today."

Google/TrustPilot Reviews.

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Anna E.

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"Say yes! If you are searching for a professional, competent, and reliable payment processing company, look no further. After briefly trying out the services of another major payment processor, I knew my business would need something much better. I am very pleased to have found Helcim. Their support team is stellar! They promptly reply in a personable manner with solutions to problems. They offer many additional business tools to make your life easier. This was important to me. Let's face it. No one is jumping up and down about paying merchant fees -- but it's part of doing business and you might as well go with a transparent pricing structure at a solid company. I feel confident growing my business with the team at Helcim."

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Sean M.

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"Great Experience With Helcim. I am a small company that has a few very large transactions every month. The Helcim team was very up front concerning onboarding requirements and we worked together to insure that my initial transactions passed through their security team without issue. Funds payout typically takes 24 hours to show up in my business account. The rates cannot be beat for my particular usage from my research. Customer service has been outstanding."

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Dara Mahler

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"My company, All About Taxes, Inc. has been doing business with Helcim for over 8 years. Besides the great customer service they have exhibited for all these years, my rates are so low that ALL companies that ask me to compare their services with Helcim, tell me to stay with Helcim because the rates can not be matched or beaten!"

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Mark Jackman

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"Helcim delivers on its mission"¦ We have been with Helcim for a few years. Unlike our previous POS merchant, there are no high pressure sales tactics. We have had a few technical problems, and each time Helcim has responded very quickly, given excellent service, technical help, and solved the problems. The Helcim mission has been to provide service without gouging the merchants, and they have delivered on their mission."

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Work Well, PLLC

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"Helcim has been our small business' credit card processor for years. They have great rates and customer service is unmatched. For example, today, we needed to make payment pages so our customers could pay online. Both representatives were fantastic. The first led me through what I needed to do to create it. After I created it, the first representative was not available, so I spoke with Jackie. She fixed everything I needed to be able to finalize the page. Highly recommend Helcim if you are a small business and need a credit card processing company!"

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Paul Fine

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"This is the 'go to' company for merchant services. I looked around and actually tried another company first. It was a big mistake. It probably is not the right thing to say, but so that you know I am being truthful, the other company is 'Leaders Merchant Services'. Please do not use them. They were not truthful about the rates and stay away from a company that charges $300 to cancel which I did before one month expired. I was not even using any equipment of theirs and only use my computer to enter charge services. Helcim answers the phone when you call and you are not put on hold for literally an hour to get through to someone on the other company. Helcim customer service is friendly and you get an answer. The monthly statements are excellent. I do not have either enough time or room here to explain why you should go with this company."

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Alexey Goncharov

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"These Guys Work Extra Hours to Provide the BEST service, there are a lot of companies that offer payment services, I am 100% positive there is not even one company that can match the level of service that these guys provide. By FAR they are the best!!! and I am not even talking about their transparent and low rates and A outstanding Software."

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Kelsey Kashluba

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"Great Canadian Payment Processor who is committed to finding solutions for their customers. I'd recommend them to any of the local businesses I partner with who need payment processing."

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Pilar Zanoni

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"As an early stage venture, Helcim's payment gateway solution was one of the easiest choices for Liminality Innovations. Their transparent pricing, monthly subscription, and auto-pause billing are truly unique in the industry and help customers estimate their costs. Integration with several third-party services (i.e., QuickBooks) are simple and streamline operations by putting everything in one place. Not only are they a competitive and cost-effective solution for SMBs but their customer service team is exceptional! Mia, Kyle and Adriana made us feel valued from day 1. We highly recommend Helcim and encourage you to consider them for your needs."

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Dave Langbroek

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"We moved over to Helcim several years ago from Moneris. Best move that we ever made. Our annual costs went down drastically and as our debit and credit card processor our experience with Helcim has been infinitely better then with any previous processor. Paul and AJ have provided top notch service anytime we have dealt with them. It is so nice dealing with local Canadians as opposed to support form some other country that are often difficult to understand because they don't have English as their first language. Thank you Paul AJ and the whole Helcim crew. We recommend your service often to business colleagues."

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Sarah Xiao

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"Helcim is best payment process provider among those I had used before. No hidden charge, price is clear and on the low side. The most impression to me is that their great service. Every person of Helcim is friendly, highly efficient, very fast to reply you and resolve your problem. They deserve 5 stars . Highly recomend!!"

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Daryl Finnson

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"Systems and security team is great. Never had a issue. Great people love dealing with them. Helcim also offers a online store front now. Check them out."

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More Reviews
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Reviews From Our Merchants.

  • Merchant - Rob's Repair

    Our business has used Helcim now for a year. We were making changes all around and I researched and chose them after reading numerous reviews and articles. I could not be happier. Customer service is great and even with the inclusion of the cost of the terminal in this year's business totals, they saved us over $500 and that is a small company that is grossing about 200K on the year. Well worth investigating.

    Rob's Repair
  • Merchant - Physio Orthopedics and Performance

    A great business processing tool with a small business feel as a company. All questions are answered promptly, and the explanations given are helpful in solving any problem so far. Our private practice appreciates you!

    Physio Orthopedics and Performance
  • Merchant - All-Points Home Inspections LTD

    I have been with Helcim since I read a good review in an American Magazine about 4 years ago. Good clear bills and reporting. Easy to reach with questions and problems. Friendly and helpful when it comes to Compliance issues. Good price too. I get about two calls a month from other places offering cheaper rates. I don't believe them and I like it here with Helcim.

    All-Points Home Inspections LTD
  • Merchant - Bootleg Bike CO LTD

    Helcim is a great company to deal with. We have been using their services for almost 2 years now and their staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

    Bootleg Bike CO LTD
  • Merchant - The Gourmet Yukon

    Helcim allowed my company to save 55% of my credit card fees, the contract is clear, simple to understand. There are no hidden fees, the customer service is exceptional. I'm happy to work with Helcim.

    The Gourmet Yukon
  • Merchant - Coy Fine Art Portraits

    Excellent customer service and overall experience! Sherry, Aaron and the rest of the Helcim team are always very helpful and super-friendly with their amazing customer service. And Helcim has been the best merchant [services provider] we've had in our 23 years of business. We can highly recommend Helcim.

    Coy Fine Art Portraits
  • Merchant - Dr. Sweet

    I have been with Helcim about 2 years now. I have had excellent customer service and help from them on EVERY occasion that I needed to contact them. Recently both Jacqui and Mia went the extra mile to take care of me and make sure my process was running smoothly. I would absolutely choose Helcim again!

    Dr. Sweet
  • Merchant - Liberty Physiotherapy

    Transparent and competitive. I'm generally the type of person that will consider other offers and opportunities to "switch" and get a better rate. Those thoughts are few and far between with Helcim. They've been excellent to work with, and I have never felt any "pressure sales" tactics"¦ Their fees are as clear as possible in the convoluted world of credit card processors. Loyalty is tough to earn from me, but they have it.

    Liberty Physiotherapy
  • Merchant - Memoirs Catering

    I really appreciate how easy things are with Helcim and the online payment process. It truly offers everything we need. From the immediate email confirmations to creating PDF's as receipts for our clients. I love the interface.

    Memoirs Catering
  • Merchant - Brandon K, Acorn Grill

    In an industry plagued with hidden fees, long term contracts, and some of the worst biz practices you could imagine, Helcim is a breath of fresh air. As a busy restaurant owner where 90%+ of purchases are from cards it's important to keep interchange fees low. I was sold on their transparency and lower than average rates but the customer service and new services always being implemented made me a true fan! I've been with them for 7 months and couldn't think of anything but 5 things to say about them. I would recommend them to my Gram Gram!

    Brandon K, Acorn Grill
  • Merchant - Mennonite Mutual Insurance

    Helcim has been an incredible partner for MMI. The commerce platform has greatly improved our efficiency in processing payments and is incredibly flexible while being very easy to use. It has also great to be able to pick up the phone and speak with someone knowledgeable within minutes, to find creative solutions to the unique challenges of our business. We highly recommend Helcim and look forward to our continued partnership.

    Mennonite Mutual Insurance
  • Merchant - Orbit Brokers and Forwarders

    Fantastic experience so far! We've been using Helcim for 5 months now and no issues. Their customer service is extremely helpful, their response time is quick and they seem to genuinely care about our business.

    Orbit Brokers and Forwarders
  • Merchant - Spabulous

    I am a client with Helcim since February 2017 and the customer service is really impressive. Really happy with my decision to go with this company for merchant processing. Any issue or concern I've had was addressed right away and resolved quickly. This company is transparent with no hidden fees/costs. It's all straightforward and explained, plus their credit card fees are very competitive. I would recommend Helcim to anyone!

  • Merchant - The Canadian Coach

    I've been with Helcim now for just over 3 months. I love how responsive they are when I have a question, having reports I can read and I even added my bookkeeper and VA as users so they can just go in and get what they need. It's so easy to use and I am so happy I made the switch.

    The Canadian Coach
  • Merchant - Touge Tuning

    We have been a customer of Helcim for around 3 years now and originally processed all transactions through PayPal... We ended up moving our e-commerce business to them as well and that was smooth and painless for the most part and the fees are drastically less than the $3000+ we were paying with PayPal. I would highly recommend them as a payment processor. The industry is filled with crooked sales people and it is hard to trust any company but I have not had any issues with billing from this company and would not hesitate to recommend them to another business.

    Touge Tuning
  • Merchant - Johnson Family Eye Care

    Excellent customer service! My experience has been that Helcim and it's employees are willing to go the extra mile and they do it with a smile. I am happy with their services and highly recommend them to friends and colleagues.'

    Johnson Family Eye Care
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Helcim Awards & Recognition.

Helcim Awards & Recognition
  • 2018

    EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 (Prairies Region) in the Technology Category

  • 2019

    Recipient of the Innovation Award at the Calgary Chamber Small Business Week Awards

  • 2019

    #91 on the Report on Business's Ranking of Top Growing Companies

  • 2019

    Helcim CEO Nicolas Beique was named one of Calgary's Top 40 Under 40 for 2019

  • 2020

    Recognized by the US News and World Report's 360 Reviews team as a Best Credit Card Processing Company of 2020.


Transparency, low rates, smart tools and amazing service! Many merchants have been dragged through the mud by their prior processor, with hidden fees, contracts, and terrible service. We've built our reputation on being the opposite. We care about building long-term relationships with our merchants - which means offering you the payment service you've been looking for.

Have more questions? Email or give us a call. Our in-house Helcim Merchant Experience Team is here to share their knowledge, answer your questions and point you in the right direction. No commissions, no pressure.

If your business is looking for a better way to accept credit and debit cards online or in-person, then Helcim is the payments company for you. Helcim offers a wide range of payment tools and software solutions to make it faster and easier for you to get paid.

No! We want to help small businesses grow and thrive, so there are no monthly fees. Your Helcim account allows you to process both in-person and online payments with great low processing rates. You also get full access to all of our merchant tools and benefit from our amazing customer service team.

For Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other card-brands, we offer Interchange Plus pricing to give you complete transparency and greater savings. By passing the base cost directly to you and only charging for a single markup, Interchange Plus pricing gives you significant savings. By knowing our cost as well as our markup, we promote a fully transparent partnership which means no surprises on your monthly statement!

To calculate your rates for in-person and online transactions, you can visit our pricing page.

Yes! And there is no need to call and renegotiate rates. Our Interchange Plus margin automatically decreases the more you process, helping you save even more.

You can view our complete volume discounts on our pricing page.

No! You can close your account anytime without any penalty and there are no hidden fees. You never again have to worry about setup fees, termination fees, quarterly fees, PCI & non-compliance fees, customer service fees, or bank deposit fees.

Deposits will appear in your bank account within 2 business days, depending on the time of day that your transactions are settled. Transactions processed over the weekend or bank holidays are initialized for deposit on the following business day. Your daily transactions are batched together, and deposited to your bank account net of processing fees.

The Helcim Shop is built right into your account dashboard, and is accessible immediately after signing up. You can order card readers, stands, printers and more directly from there.

Shipping is free and takes 2-3 business days via FedEx or UPS ground. Any equipment purchases are charged to your bank account on file. We do not currently offer rentals nor payment plans.

No! You can use your existing bank account, provided by your financial institution or credit union. Sole proprietors can use a personal bank account. Incorporated business and partnerships are required to use a business bank account.

Law firms and other businesses that require separate trust and operating bank accounts are able to customize the flow of deposits and fees to meet their needs.

You can sign up directly on our website using your computer or mobile phone. There is no need for complicated paperwork nor signatures. The signup form takes as little as 5-minutes, asking you to enter basic information about your business, address and contact information.

Once you create your Helcim account, you can begin using it right away! Get started here.

You Deserve Better Payments.

Lower Rates. Better Tools. Amazing Service.

  • Easily Sign Up in Minutes
  • No Hidden Fees or PCI fees
  • Interchange Plus Pricing
  • No Contracts or Commitments
  • Deposits in 1-2 Business Days
  • Friendly Service via Telephone or Email

Service with a :)

We're always willing to help.

New to accepting card payments? We take the time to help you understand how it all works so you can make the best decisions for your business.

  • Speak to a real person
  • Get help fast
  • Experts you can trust
  • No commission = no pressure
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