Helcim Invoicing.

Create and send beautiful invoices that are customized to you. Complete with a "Pay Now" button, your customers have an easy way to pay online.

Helcim Invoice
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Unlimited Invoicing

Unlimited Invoicing.

Create professional invoices in just a few clicks for one-time billing or add customers you already have on file for repeat billing. Invoice as many customers as you want, as many times as you want, whenever you want, wherever you are, right from your Helcim account.

Built-in Credit Card Payments.

Accept payments from customers using all the major card brands. Your customers will receive their invoice with a "Pay Now" button right in their inbox. They can open and view the invoice on any device, and directly pay the amount due for a fast and convenient payment experience. Customers can also store their payment information in the Card Vault, making future payments even faster.

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Bulit-in Credit Card Payments
Request Payments through email or text message

Request Payments Through Email or Text Messages.

Let your clients know when they have an outstanding payment by sending a email or text request. Once received, they can click the link in the message to view the invoice and conveniently submit payment using the Pay Now buttons.

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Smart Features To Save You Time.

Helcim Invoicing is designed to save you time. Fully-integrated with the rest of your Helcim account, you can access all of your stored business information when creating and sending invoices. Here are just a few of the great features included with Helcim Invoicing.

  • Products and services stored in your catalog
  • Included as part of your Helcim account
  • View invoices from anywhere, on any device
  • Inventory tracking
  • Built-in credit & debit card payments
  • Unlimited invoice creation
  • Custom fields, including drop-downs
  • Customer manager for quick entry
  • Customize design templates and logos
  • Discount codes
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Automatic email reminders for due invoices
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Beautiful & Customizable.

Add your logo and customize colors and fonts to align your invoices with your business and create a seamless brand experience for your customers. Create custom headers and footers with personalized messages or display your delivery, refund, or exchange policies.

Build and Customizable
Upload-logo Icon Upload your logo
Pencil-Paintbrush Icon Design & Color Templates
Font Icon Choose your fonts
Three-line Bar Icon Add headers & footers
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Custom Data Fields

Add Custom Data Fields.

Create custom fields on your invoices in the form of a text box, drop-down menu, checkbox, or a radio button. Great for gathering any additional information you might require about a particular order or product.

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Send Automatic Due Reminders

No more chasing clients down for payment. Dramatically reduce your collection time and avoid awkward interactions by creating custom email templates and scheduling due reminders to prompt your customers when they have unpaid invoices.

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Automatic Tax Calculation

Your Helcim account is automatically configured to calculate state, provincial, and federal taxes based on both your business location and your customer's location. You can also add tax regions and customize tax settings based on your unique business needs.

Helcim's Powerful Payments are Bulit-in

Helcim's Powerful Payments are Built-In.

As with all of our tools, payments are central to the experience. Even with online payments, you benefit from Helcim's lower rates and fast deposits.


Sign up for a Helcim account and you'll get our online invoicing tool for free, instantly.

We recommend setting up reminders for unpaid invoices, which will be sent automatically to remind clients that they have an unpaid invoice. For help with setting up reminders, click here.

Helcim Invoices are simple to setup, brand and customize. Helcim online invoices are automatically generated for you and let you customize whatever fields you need.

Our invoicing software features built-in customer management so that once you record a customer's information in your dashboard, their information will be automatically generated into the invoice you create. Helcim also lets you send unlimited invoices, so you never need to worry about limits or fees.

All of our invoicing services are integrated with our credit card processing software, which lets your customers pay in just a couple of clicks. All they need to do is hit the "pay now" button and enter their card information.

Helcim offers all of its invoicing features for free to businesses big and small. The only fee you need to worry about is the payment processing fee which applies to all credit card transactions. Helcim as a Payment Facilitator earns a small margin on top of the interchange fee.

You Deserve Better Payments.

Lower Rates. Better Tools. Amazing Service.

  • Easily Sign Up in Minutes
  • No Hidden Fees or PCI fees
  • Interchange Plus Pricing
  • No Contracts or Commitments
  • Deposits in 1-2 Business Days
  • Friendly Service via Telephone or Email

Service with a :)

We're always willing to help.

New to accepting card payments? We take the time to help you understand how it all works so you can make the best decisions for your business.

  • Speak to a real person
  • Get help fast
  • Experts you can trust
  • No commission = no pressure
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