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What is American Express Opt-Blue?

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American Express Opt-Blue is a program for merchants that provides three advantages over traditional Amex acceptance:

  • Instant Amex Acceptance
    When a merchant signs up with a credit card processor (such as Helcim), they can automatically register and accept American Express credit cards, just like Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

  • Combine Bank Deposits
    The merchant's daily batch settlements will now include American Express transactions as part of the deposited total, as opposed to a separate deposit from Amex.

  • Cost+ Pricing for American Express
    The processor can now offer Interchange+ pricing on American Express merchant accounts, which provides better Amex rates.

Helcim has been offering American Express Opt-Blue to US merchants since 2014. We're now excited to be introducing Opt-Blue to Canadian merchants at the end of October 2016!

Please reach out to us for more information, or check out the frequently asked questions below:

I'm already accepting Amex, do I need to switch?

No. If you already have an American Express merchant ID and want your Amex arrangement to remain unchanged, that is not a problem. Merchants can continue providing us with their Amex merchant ID to add-on to their merchant account however, merchants that want to take advantage of the combined bank deposits and new rates can switch to Opt-Blue.

Are daily deposits faster?

Yes. Traditionally, American Express takes 3-5 business days to deposit funds, as opposed to Helcim's 1-2 business days. Since Amex Opt-Blue deposits are combined with Visa, MasterCard and Discover deposits, merchants will be receiving their combined funds much faster.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. American Express is currently limiting Opt-Blue to merchants processing less than $500,000 of American Express transactions per year. We expect this limit to be increased over time. For now, merchants processing over this yearly amount will need to continue receiving their merchant ID and deposits from American Express directly.

Where can I find the Amex Opt-Blue interchange rates?

American Express currently prohibits us from displaying these interchange rates directly on our website. However, we can provide these to merchants directly. Simply give us a call, online inquiry or email and we will send you the Opt-Blue interchange rates.

How do I sign up?

New merchants should simply use our online application form, found here. Existing Helcim merchants should reach out to our support team and ask to be switched to the American Express Opt-Blue acceptance program.

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