No contracts. No monthly fees. No hidden charges. No Kidding.

No contracts. No monthly fees. No hidden charges. No Kidding.

You get low processing rates and complete transparency with our honest interchange plus pricing.

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In-Person (Average)

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Keyed & Online (Average)

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Chargeback Fees are

0 or 15

Helcim will reimburse you the chargeback fee if you win the dispute.

You get the lowest interchange rate for each transaction.

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Monthly Credit Card Volume In-Person Payments Keyed & Online
$0 - $25,000 per month 0.30% + 8 ¢ 0.50% + 25 ¢
$25,001 - $50,000 per month 0.25% + 7 ¢ 0.45% + 20 ¢
$50,001 - $100,000 per month 0.20% + 7 ¢ 0.40% + 20 ¢
$100,001 - $250,000 per month 0.18% + 6 ¢ 0.35% + 15 ¢
$250,001 - $1,000,000 per month 0.15% + 6 ¢ 0.30% + 15 ¢
$1,000,001 - $5,000,000 per month 0.12% + 5 ¢ 0.25% + 10 ¢
$5,000,001+ per month 0.10% + 5 ¢ 0.20% + 10 ¢

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Helcim Card Reader

More ways to pay for less.

You get low processing rates and complete transparency with our honest Interchange Plus pricing.

Accept ACH/EFT Payments.

Give your customers more ways to pay by accepting ACH and EFT transactions directly from their bank accounts.

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 + 25 ¢

$5 per return / reject

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We're building the world's most loved payments company.

  • "I never thought I could love a credit card processing company."

    - Kyla P, Santa Fe

  • "Love their positive can-do attitude! I look forward to doing business with them for a long time."

    - Danny Mancini

  • "As a small business owner I absolutely love Helcim!"

    - Dr. Shea Miller

  • "Absolutely Love everything about them."

    - High Voltage Action Sports

  • "Is it possible to Love your credit card processor? With Helcim, Yes!"

    - Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb

  • "Love it."

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  • How are payment processing fees generally determined by credit card processors?

    Different companies charge for credit card processing in different ways. The processing fees you pay to accept payments could depend on several factors, such as:

    • The pricing model and your processor's margin
    • The interchange rate
    • The card and transaction type
    • Your business industry
  • How does Helcim charge for credit card processing?

    Fair and transparent pricing has been at the heart of what we do since day one. Helcim employs a pricing model called Interchange Plus pricing. It is generally regarded as the industry's most honest and affordable pricing model, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

  • What is Interchange Plus pricing?

    Interchange Plus pricing takes the wholesale cost of the transaction - or interchange rate - adds a set margin on top, and passes on the savings directly to our merchants.

    Other pricing models, like flat rate pricing, charge you a flat rate despite the real cost of the transaction— often taking a larger margin which ultimately comes out of your pocket. Learn more about Interchange Pricing

  • How is the interchange rate determined?

    Processing fees are broken up into two portions: The interchange fee and the processor’s margin.

    Interchange Rates for card brands like Visa and Mastercard are determined by the card brands and issuing banks. All credit card processors adhere to the exact same interchange rates. To arrive at this base cost for each transaction, they take into consideration factors such as:

    • Type of payment card
    • Card brand
    • The type of business accepting the card
    • The transaction type
    • The cost of processing this transaction
    • Risk factors such as fraud
    • Consumer rewards and perks

    The second portion of your processing costs - the processor margin - is made up by your payment processor. How much you pay to accept payments will depend on which pricing model your processor uses and how much they make from their margin.

  • Where can I find the interchange rates?

    We post the interchange rates on our website. These rates are subject to updates every April and October.

  • Does it cost extra to access Helcim's other tools like Invoicing or The Virtual Terminal?

    It's all free— no catch, no hidden fees, no monthly fees. Access to Helcim's suite of professional business tools comes included with your free Helcim account.

    You simply pay the transaction fees for what you process and are free to enjoy unlimited access to our suite of professional tools and features.

  • Is there a fee for providing a refund to a customer?

    Unlike many payment processors, Helcim does not charge an added fee for refunds. However, we are not able to return the processing fees for the original transaction. One way to avoid paying processing fees for same-day refunds is to void the original transaction before closing your batch rather than refunding a separate transaction.

  • Does Helcim offer volume discounts for processing large numbers of transactions?

    Yes, Helcim offers discounts for high-volume transactions. The exact discount amount may vary based on your business needs and the volume of transactions you process. For more information, please contact our sales team.

  • How do Helcim's rates compare to Square's?

    Helcim uses an Interchange Plus pricing model, whereas Square charges users a flat rate. Our pricing models afford merchants transparent pricing with no hidden fees while passing on the savings of lower interchange rates instead of charging a flat rate and a large margin. Learn more in our Helcim vs. Square article.

    Law firms and other businesses that require separate trust and operating bank accounts are able to customize the flow of deposits and fees to meet their needs.

  • Are there any setup fees or monthly charges for using Helcim's payment processing services?

    No, there are no setup fees or monthly charges for accepting payments through Helcim. Our pricing is based solely on the transactions you process, so you only pay for what you use.

  • How does Helcim handle chargebacks in its pricing model?

    Helcim offers a competitive rate of $15 per chargeback transaction, but we waive the fee altogether if the merchant wins their dispute.

  • Does Helcim charge equipment leasing fees?

    No, Helcim does not lease our equipment and we try to warn merchants against leasing equipment from other providers. Instead, we offer affordable equipment and accessory options which you can purchase outright from us, avoiding costly leases and contracts.

    Unlike other providers, Helcim has no contracts or cancellation fees.

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