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Seamlessly accept credit card and ACH payments on your Xero invoices.

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ACH and card payments Under one roof.

Cut your tech stack, app spend, and admin time in halve by choosing one payments app that does the work of two.

ACH Payments

Lower your fees by receiving funds directly from your clients' bank account.

0.5% + 25¢, capped at $6/transaction.

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Credit Card

Powered by Helcim’s transparent and affordable Interchange Plus pricing, card payments are a breeze for you and your clients.

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Stop chasing late payments with a simple Pay Now button.

With Helcim’s convenient Pay Now button and intuitive checkout interface, get more invoices paid faster and watch your cash flow improve.

Repeat billing made easy.

Our secure card vault, we make it even easier for repeat clients to pay their invoices by auto-populating their card and bank information. The data is tokenized and handled by us so you don’t have to worry about the liability.

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Don’t overpay for payment processing.

Avoid the hefty markups of flat rates by integrating with Xero’s first and only payment provider to offer Interchange Plus pricing.

  • No monthly fees
  • No contracts
  • No hidden costs
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Get set up for savings in minutes.

With our guided tool, tell us how you'd like your accounts mapped in four simple questions and we'll do the rest.

  1. Sign up for a free Helcim account here
  2. On your dashboard, open “All Tools” and select “Accounting Center”
  3. Click “Xero Integrations”
  4. Hit the “Connect” button to map out your accounts

You're all set!

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Help your clients keep their hard-earned dollars by introducing them to Helcim. Trusted by accountants and bookkeepers as their go-to affordable, user-friendly AR solution with a responsive five-star support team.

Know your clients are in good hands, growing their savings together with their business.

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Helcim Piggy Bank

Once you're set up...

  • Helcim is now the payment service for your Xero invoices
  • Pay Now button is added to your Xero invoices
  • Helcim Clearing Account set up in Xero
  • Your payments, fees, and bank transfers are automatically reconciled

You'll love our honest pricing.

Our pricing is 100% transparent and flat out saves you money. Never pay more than $6 for an ACH transaction with our fee cap, and for card payments, get the lowest interchange rate for each transaction. With no monthly fees or hidden charges, you only pay for what you use. Use our rate calculator to see how much you could be saving on card payments.

We're building the world's most loved payments company.

  • ”We know through our Xero Small Business Insights findings that Canadian SMEs are waiting over a week past due date to get paid. It's imperative that owners and operators are given options to help address this. Through our work with Helcim, our customers have access to a service that strives to do just that. We love working with the Helcim team, and most importantly our clients have really resonated with their payment service."

    - Ben Richmond, Managing Director
    Xero Canada

  • ”We recently started using Helcim to collect payments for customers that we accept credit cards from. It couldn't have been easier to set up and we were able to integrate it into a custom invoice template in Xero that we only send out when we want to allow credit card payments from a customer. No issues integrating it or receiving payments."

    - Allison Hawkins, Hawkins & Co. Accounting Professional Corporation

  • "Getting Helcim setup was really easy. The signup was simple and the Xero connection takes just a few clicks. Our clients tell us that using it to pay their bills is easy, and we've seen our transaction fees drop by ~20%. A win-win for everyone."

    - Emily Hoult, Emily Hoult Professional Corporation

  • "I just setup my account with Helcim in less than 15 minutes, it was so easy! I cannot wait to start accepting payments using this Canadian Platform."

    - Melissa Lenos, King Business Solutions Centre Inc.

  • "I've recently switched to using Helcim for my business and it's been great so far. The set up was quick and simple and the integration with Xero has been flawless. The funds get deposited into my account quickly and my clients have not had any issues on their end. The customer support team is incredibly friendly and helpful too. Great product!"

    - Emily Ramji, Sixtop

  • "We've been using Helcim for about 8 months now. They are easy to navigate and responsive if you have an issue. They are also the most cost effective app out there for what you get. And they integrate well with Xero, which has made booking payments & fees so much easier. Highly recommend!"

    - Sonya McClellan, RJ Sanitation Co.


  • How can Interchange Plus pricing benefit my business?

    Interchange Plus pricing gives you a competitive edge compared to those using flat rate because of the transparent pricing model. With flat rate pricing, the lowest percentage you will ever get is the one rate. With Helcim, our processing rate is adjusted with the fluctuating interchange rate, while our margins remain the same so all of the savings are passed on directly to you.

  • Do my regular clients have to enter their card information every time?

    No, if an invoice is sent to the same email, the client’s card information will automatically populate allowing them to quickly pay their invoices. When you set Helcim as your Xero payment service of choice, we will handle the tokenization of your clients’ card information with our secure card vault. This means you never have to worry about handling sensitive card information.

  • What is the Helcim Clearing Account?

    The Helcim Clearing Account is automatically created in your Xero account once you complete the integration set up within Helcim. The clearing account holds the payments for your Xero invoices, the bank transfers from Helcim to your operating bank account, and a copy of Helcim's processing fees.

  • Do I need to set anything up from the Xero side?

    No, once you set up the integration from within Helcim, you’ll automatically see the changes in your Xero account. When you send an invoice to your customer using one of the selected invoice branding themes, your customers will see our sleek payment interface, and you’ll receive our competitive fee rates. Step-by-step guide on how to set up your integration

  • Is it possible to create a test account to explore the integration?

    Absolutely! Since Helcim has no monthly account fees, hidden costs, or contracts, it’s easy to set up an account and start exploring the integration. Try it out for yourself or for your clients. If you have any questions come up, our 5 star merchant support team is a call away.

  • How do I claim my $5,000 of fee-free processing?

    There’s no action necessary from your side! Helcim will automatically apply this special offer to Xero users to your account after you sign up for your free Helcim account. Try out Helcim for Xero at no cost.

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