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New Advanced Pricing Options for Products

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Miranda Russell | September 18, 2020

“Helcim merchants now have access to setting up advanced pricing options, like the ability to add wholesale pricing, buy one get one & more.”
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    New customizable product lsiting options for Helcim Merchants

    Helcim merchants now have access to advanced pricing options for products. Including the ability to add wholesale pricing, create buy-one-get-one promotions, and specify ranged pricing for products.

    The new advanced pricing features provide added flexibility and customization options to help businesses better serve their customers. By providing more advanced pricing options to businesses of all sizes, Helcim is making it easier for them to expand their operations and sell to more customers.

    All Helcim accounts now include advanced pricing options that let business owners:

    • Set wholesale pricing for products to reach new customer segments
    • Create buy one get one promotions with customizable limits to incentivize customers to buy more
    • Add ranged pricing for flexibility in pricing when accepting bulk orders

    Wholesale Pricing

    Helcim's wholesale pricing allows businesses to offer wholesale pricing on both the product and the customer level - all from the same account! Businesses can enable wholesale pricing for the products they choose and customize pricing at both the product variant and the product add-on level.

    Wholesale pricing applies only when both the product and the customer have wholesale pricing enabled for them. Allowing businesses to sell to both their wholesale clients and their regular customers simultaneously.

    Businesses that are using the Helcim Online Store can simply request their customers to log in to gain access to wholesale pricing.

    Buy-Get-Free Pricing

    Commonly known as buy one, get one, or BOGO pricing, businesses can incentivize customers to purchase more of an item by rewarding them with free items once a certain purchase threshold is reached.

    The feature is customizable on the product level and allows the business to specify the limit of claimable free items and which products are claimable as the free item.

    Using buy-get-free pricing is a great way to reward customers that make larger purchases and to encourage customers to place larger orders.

    Ranged Pricing

    Perfect for businesses that process high volume orders, ranged pricing gives added customization for businesses that want to offer discounts for customers purchasing different volumes of specific products.

    Each business has complete control over the ranges they want to set and the pricing for each level. The price specified for each range will automatically override the main price one the customer hits the purchase threshold specified by the business.

    These advanced pricing options make it easier for businesses in all industries, and specifically, B2B businesses and wholesalers, to customize pricing options for customers. Wholesalers can quickly and easily set up an online store specifically for their wholesale customers with Helcim. They simply create a password protected online store that offers its wholesale customers specific pricing, discounts, and payment options.

    All Helcim merchants automatically have access to the advanced pricing features for no additional fee. Learn more about how to use Helcim Advanced Pricing, or let us know how we can make advanced pricing work better for you.

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