We’re proud of the company we’ve built.

We’re confident you’ll be glad you chose us as your trusted partner.

At Helcim, we believe in empowering you by offering merchant services and business software so you can simplify business operations and credit card processing.

Our talented team creates beautiful, powerful and simple tools to make it easier to run your business while keeping you connected to your customers.

We are here for you. While issues may occur, the true measure of great customer service stems from working alongside you to resolve them. Our team is well regarded for their human touch and compassion.

We see ourselves as your partner, and we want to help you run your business just the way you imagine it. We’re in this together.


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It Starts with Trust

Helcim was founded in 2006 to provide credit card processing and merchant account services to small businesses. Like many new companies, we had to work within a budget. We studied the payments industry and added a voice that was sorely needed.

We provided a simplified system, transparent pricing and dependable customer service without cancellation fees. To keep our decisions free of the short-term needs of investors, we shied away from venture capital. Instead, we made decisions based on our values to build a purpose-driven company – the kind of company that we would want to do business with.

Our approach worked, we connected with business owners and grew organically through hard work, perseverance and compassion. In 2013, after enjoying success in Canada, we began offering our services to businesses in the United States.

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Evolving For The Future

In 2015, we set out on a new path. Through thousands of conversations with North American businesses, we listened to people struggle as they tried to run while juggling countless tasks, tools and jobs. People wanted a better way.

Lead by founder and CEO, Nicolas Beique, our in-house team of developers set to work. We began designing an all-in-one business management system that would pull payments, processes and data into one place to make it easier to run a business.

When our new platform was born, we named it Helcim Commerce™, and launched it in the fall of 2017.

Today, as always, we’re constantly in conversation with businesses, looking for new opportunities and designing features to fulfill them. For us, being your trusted partner means providing the resources you need to empower your business now and in the future.

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Nicolas Beique

Nicolas Beique

Founder & CEO

Nicolas Beique was born in Odessa, Texas in 1985. His family moved to Montreal, Canada on his first birthday. From his earliest days, he loved to build things from Legos to treehouses. At four, his parents bought him his first computer, an IBM PS/2. Nicolas immediately became captivated with designing computer graphics, followed by a passion for programming at age 12. When his family moved to Calgary as a teenager, Nicolas’ first job was at a local computer store in the afternoons, building the company’s first e-commerce website.

Nicolas was still a student when he founded Helcim – the company now serves over 6,000 merchants. Nicolas remains the lead developer, and along with his team, is building the company’s next-generation platform: Helcim Commerce.

Rob Park

Rob Park

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Park was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1983 on the very same day as his twin sister. He honed his social and negotiation skills in a rambunctious family of four children. When he started his first job in a video game store at 17 years old, Rob used his people skills to build rapport with customers and became known as the guy who could (almost always) recommend games customers loved.

Rob studied urban planning at the University of Calgary. He was fascinated by the interconnection between people, places and planning processes. After graduating, Rob sought a fast-moving career. He caught the entrepreneurship bug and spent the next 10 years building a real estate partnership where he delighted in building relationships with people.

Rob joined Helcim in 2016 as the COO, bringing his love of people, business processes and team building. Today he works closely with the support, sales and operations departments. He lives for the first day of each new hire, so he can welcome every new employee into the Helcim community.


Our Core Values

Our core values don’t just decorate our office walls. Instead, you’ll find them in our decisions, actions, ideas and thoughts. Our values form our identity – we stick to what we think is right, over what is easy and we’ve been attracting like-minded businesses.

Build Trust In Everything You Do

Trust is hard to earn, easy to lose and is tested continuously over time.

Earn trust by always being your best self and respecting the needs and interests of others–especially when people are not yet aware of those needs and interests.

Trust is a long game. Make earning trust a way of life, and you’ll attract and keep people.

Be Good To Your Team And Your World

We all build our own reality.

Work towards a reality you want to live in, even if it is not your reality now.

Every day, contribute more than you take to the people, places and world around you.

Always Innovate

Simple, innovative, powerful tools empower people to achieve their goals.

Never stop dreaming of a better way to do things.

If a better way does not yet exist, invent it.

Embrace Knowledge

Education empowers people to make informed decisions.

Give people the information they need when they need it. Be a guide, not a screen, to the truth.

You have things to teach and things to learn. Share your knowledge, listen and use what you learn to grow. Learning lasts a lifetime. Your insights benefit everyone.

Our Security

Secure your business and your data by partnering with a PCI Level-1 compliant payment processor. This reduces your liability, safeguards your customer information, and keeps sensitive financial data out of your computer systems. Your information is safely stored in the cloud so you can access it securely from anywhere. And, you’ll never have to worry about losing it – data is backed up on multiple servers.


Join our team. We’ll take care of you so you can take care of our customers. Be part of a team of highly-trained, supportive and collaborative professionals who love working together. As one of our valued teammates, you’ll enjoy a subsidized gym membership, access to our daily healthy lunch program, annual giving to your non-profit of choice, excellent compensation and bi-annual profit-sharing.

Press & Media

Looking for a reliable source to help you meet your deadline? At Helcim, we’re reporter, influencer and reviewer-friendly. We’ll provide rich content for your story, including headline ideas, quotes, videos, high-res photos and infographics. You can also interview our senior leaders, subject experts, and get a product demo from our gurus. And we get exclusive content – we'll work with you to craft it.