The Discover Network

When you sign up with us, you automatically receive a merchant account for Discover. Discover is one of the top four credit cards in the United States, along with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The popular, consumer-friendly card has low introductory rates, no annual fees, rewards and 24/7 American-based customer service. Accepting Discover can help you serve customers who favor this card (Discover users tend to be younger). Some small businesses do not accept Discover (so accepting it may give you an edge) but many do, so accepting this card also helps you keep up with customer expectations.

Accept China UnionPay

Established in March 2002, China UnionPay is a bankcard association established under the approval of the State Council and the People's Bank of China. You can automatically accept UnionPay cards through the Discover network.

Current Discover Canada Interchange Rates

Card-Type Interchange Rate
Swipe/Chip Consumer 1.450 %
Swipe/Chip Premium 2.050 %
Swipe/Chip Premium Plus 1.800 %
Swipe/Chip Commercial 2.000 %
Keyed Consumer 1.720 %
Keyed Premium 2.100 %
Keyed Premium Plus 2.600 %
Keyed Commercial 2.650 %
Recurring Payments  
Recurring Consumer 1.370 %
Recurring Premium 1.600 %
Recurring Premium Plus 2.050 %
Recurring Commercial 2.000 %
Assessments and Association Fees  
Discover Card-Brand 0.071 %
Discover International Cross-Border (CAD) 0.452 %

* HST is charged to the acquirer/processor on network card-brand, association and cross-border fees. Discover's listed card-brand fee is 0.063%. Because this is an absorbed cost by the acquirer who are not allowed to claim ITCs in Canada, the HST on the card-brand fee cannot be used as an ITC by the merchant. Does not apply to interchange, per transaction or cost+ fees.