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Helcim's Culture and Expectations

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Nic Beique | June 2, 2020

“I believe it is the CEO's responsibility to set the tone on culture and what expectations for behavior are at the company.”
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    Most of our staff will recall some version of the below as their first conversation with me when joining Helcim. I believe it is the CEO's responsibility to set the tone on culture and what expectations for behavior are at the company so that every new hire has a chance to succeed and thrive.

    First, let's talk about company culture.

    We believe that when you boil it down to just one thing, culture is about how you feel when you walk in the door in the morning. Are you excited about working with a bunch of passionate people on something meaningful? Or do you get a pit in your stomach because of disgruntled co-workers, bad bosses, or unchallenging work? Our collective goal is to make sure that it is the former, and we're all responsible for creating a supportive environment for everyone that joins our company.

    We don't hire assholes at Helcim - no matter how talented or smart they are. If your intentions are to hurt others for your own sake or put your ambition in front of the needs of the team, then this is not the company for you, and we will promptly show you the door. This is very much a "we" company, not an "I" company. People that thrive at Helcim and advance their careers are those that devote themselves to helping their peers succeed. Regardless of age, gender, orientation, ethnicity, background, or even technical ability, when a new team member is introduced the immediate reaction for everyone around them should be to build up that person, help them learn, and help them succeed.

    We can wholeheartedly disagree on topics and debate on the best course of action, but this should always happen respectfully and with the right intent "“ to make Helcim better, our team better and our product better.

    Second, trust and transparency are hugely important factors to us.

    We believe that trust is a two-way street - that we must trust you so that in return you can feel comfortable trusting the people around you. As a Helcim team member, you will be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and information. All our livelihoods are dependent on you honoring that trust. As a financial technology company, the stakes are high. Our merchants put their trust in us to keep their information safe, their businesses online, and their transactions flowing.

    It is ok to make mistakes; it is part of the process of learning and trying new things. We ask that you're upfront about those mistakes and communicate them early to your fellow team members so that problems can be fixed quickly before they become calamities. We ask you to trust that we will support you in solving issues and learning from them. We're in this together.

    So welcome to the Helcim Team, we're thrilled to have you join us on this adventure.


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