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Payments Are Exhilarating, Electrifying, Inspiring!

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Nic Beique | January 26, 2021

“The card networks that ferry millions of transactions between merchants, processors and banks really are a wonder of the modern world.”
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The card networks that ferry millions of transactions between merchants, processors, and banks really are a wonder of the modern world.

Payments Are The Heartbeat of Commerce

The business of accepting payments allows for hundreds of thousands of transactions to be processed every minute. (Visa alone has the capacity to transmit 65,000 per second!) Simply put, the moving of funds from one person or place to another allows for the exchange of goods and services, which in turn, helps keep the world moving.

Payments Can Connect You With People & Products All Over The Globe

Think about it. In only an instant, your credit card seamlessly exchanges dollars for rubles, yen for euros, and pesos for pounds! And it can do that whether you're physically traveling the world or browsing an international merchant's online store from the comfort of your home. Online credit card payments can cart you off to a bazaar in India, an artisan leather shop in Italy, or bring the fragrant flavors of a French winery right to your doorstep.

Payments Are Fundamental To Your Business

Accepting credit cards is what can open the doors of your business to millions of potential customers. As someone who has operated a small business in the past, I can personally attest to the frustrations that come with being unable to accept one of the most commonly used forms of payment. Your customer is standing in front of you, with your product in their hand, ready to purchase-only you don't have the ability to finalize the transaction. It's certainly not something that you want to keep you from growing your business.

Additionally, accepting credit cards helps you improve your customer experience. When you take cards, you allow your clients to make purchases easier, faster, and at whatever time is most convenient to them.

Payments Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether you're a consumer or a retailer, payments can help you accomplish something. As a consumer, payments offer you the ability to purchase a plane ticket to a tropical destination, buy your spouse dinner, or treat yourself to a movie.

If you're a business owner, payments are how you earn an income. When you break it down, accepting payments is what paves the way for you to accomplish what's most important to you; whether that's saving for a family vacation, hiring additional staff, or opening a new storefront.

Is It Really as Exciting as All That?

For some merchants, payment processing has been a drag, and something they'd rather not think about. At best, accepting credit cards might seem like a necessary evil, as most merchants would rather not have to pay so many pesky fees in order to operate their enterprise.

At Helcim, payments are exciting, because we partner with merchants to help them build their business. We do this by making payment processing as affordable and as headache-free as possible. With an excellent customer support team, free software, and an innovative Interchange Plus pricing model, we're out to make a difference in the lives of business owners across North America.

Helcim Can Help

If you've been hurt by the payments industry, or are just starting to look at which payment processor might be right for your new venture, why not give us a call? If we can help, we will. Our in-house Merchant Experience team is here to share their knowledge, answer your questions, and point you in the right direction. No commissions, and no pressure.

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