Helcim Supports Black Lives Matter

At Helcim, racism goes against everything we believe in and the company culture we’re striving to create. The recent injustices against the Black community in the US have made us pause, reflect, and reevaluate the ways we can impact change. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and actively stand up against systemic racism, inequality, and injustice. 

Being headquartered in Calgary, AB, we recognize that Canada faces its own challenges with race and equality. Our Indigenous and Black communities have been marginalized for well over a century. As a country, as a company, and as people with common interests in fairness and dignity, we need to work to remove systemic issues by seeking out and considering alternative viewpoints, speaking up, and acting deliberately to make sure we are part of the solution. 

While we have always endeavored to create an inclusive workplace, there is room for improvement. As we listen and learn, we will continue to actively look for ways we can improve diversity and inclusion at Helcim. 

We are committed to:

  • Fostering diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices by ensuring all of our job postings are shared on the Aboriginal Job Board and on job boards that champion diverse candidates. 
  • Actively working with our post-secondary partners to highlight career opportunities and encourage applications from BIPOC for positions at Helcim.
  • Encouraging ongoing and sustained learning from the entire team through our internal book clubs. The Helcim library and recommended books are a big part of the team’s personal and career development. We will be putting a greater focus on recommending books focused on diversity, anti-racism, and that are written by BIPOC. 

One of our core values is that we are a company of many. I know that we are stronger because of our collective passion, intelligence, fellowship, and diversity. We must all take meaningful actions over the long-term to enact and reinforce change. 

Thank you,


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