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Working in Payments is Awesome

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Nic Beique | May 20, 2019

“On the surface, you might wonder how working in the payment processing industry could be exciting. Talking about credit and debit cards, Visa and Mastercard, in”
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    On the surface, you might wonder how working in the payment processing industry could be exciting.

    Talking about credit and debit cards, Visa and Mastercard, interchange rates and bank reconciliation wouldn't seem like a very popular conversation at a cocktail party. But I want to scratch past the surface and show how payment companies operate in a unique place in the world of business.

    First, I love business.

    I don't mean money; I mean I love the idea of creating a product or service and delivering value where there was none before. I get animated talking to other entrepreneurs, even when I know nothing about their industry. The products they could create, how they could brand themselves, how to hire the best people, how to create efficient workflows, what their competitive strategy should be - the list goes on and on and so do I in those conversations.

    But very few companies and careers are exposed to a wide range of industries - both from a financial position, but most importantly, from a position of being able to make an impact.

    Payments are the very heartbeat of commerce.

    At its very core, business is about the exchange of value between parties. Every day, billions of people exchange money for goods and services. As a payments company, we get to be at the very center of it all - we have a front-row seat.

    My team and I get to talk to every business imaginable. We get to chat with dentists, with barbers, with drivers, and educators. We've worked with charities on how to make it easier for people to aid their cause, and with bakers on how to sell more muffins. Throughout my years growing Helcim, I've had the chance to develop fantastic relationships with restaurant owners, with auto mechanics, with locksmiths. And the range in scale has been diverse too. I've toured giant global wheat distribution centers to help them accept payments from micro-breweries in need of good malt for their beer, and I've sat down with those very same micro-brewers, brainstorming on how to get more patrons so they can put that malt to good use.

    For someone who loves business, I simply cannot think of working for an industry that is more at the center of it all. It is truly a privilege.

    Every day brings something new.

    We get to be there at the very start of a new business when a new entrepreneur needs to get paid for their first sale. We get a chance to help that business grow, by making payments better, cheaper, faster. By creating great platforms and tools to help our merchants achieve more, and help the economy prosper.

    So if you ever find yourself in a position to join a company like Helcim, and someone asks why you would want to work in the payments industry - you can say it's because payments are truly awesome.


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