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What is a Service Invoice? How to Invoice for Services Rendered

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Danny Randell | August 4, 2021

“Invoicing is a useful and common way for service-based companies to accept payments. Here's how to create a service invoice quickly and easily.”
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    Invoicing is one of the oldest forms of accepting payments, and in fact, there is evidence that invoices have been around since before the Romans! Apart from being one of the oldest payment methods however, they are also one of the most useful. Invoicing is also not just for products, but can be particularly helpful for service based businesses as well. So, without further ado, let's talk about how you can put invoices to work for the services you offer.

    How Service Invoices Are Different

    Invoicing for services is a bit different than invoicing for products. For example, services don't have SKU numbers, and don't require inventory tracking because they're not something your business holds, but rather something your business does.

    As a result, when you're writing up an invoice for a service you're providing a client, you'll want to have an area where you can describe what the service is and how it is going to be performed. This gives your client all the details they need to feel confident in what they're purchasing.

    Why Service Based Businesses Should Use Invoicing

    The fundamental purpose of invoices is to keep a record of a sale, but it's also a form of billing. Using invoices keeps you organized and is convenient for your clients. Some reasons your business should consider opting for service specific invoices include:

    • The ability to bill remotely with online invoices
    • A streamlined customer experience
    • Service records so you don't lose track of services rendered

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    Service Invoice Template

    The best template for service invoicing is one that is automatically generated for you. You can get these easily by signing up for a merchant account with the right payments company.

    Electronic templates are great because they can be customized quickly and sent digitally for you and your customer's convenience. Some of the things your template should include are:

    • Invoice number
    • Service description box
    • Service price
    • Due date
    • Logo upload for custom branding

    Here's a look at a service invoice template with a payment processing company: invoice template for service based businesses An example of a service invoice template.

    Businesses That Can Benefit From Service Invoicing

    Businesses that will want to consider using invoices for their services are typically project based. These businesses will charge for specific jobs as they are usually offering personal expertise in a certain area. For example:

    • Consultants
    • Accountants
    • Therapists
    • Contractors
    • Photographers & Videographers
    • Lawyers
    • Landscapers
    • Freelancers
    • Florists
    • Event Planners
    • And many more!

    Final Thoughts

    Invoices are a powerful tool for service based businesses; they can help your business stay organized and when you take them online offer a convenient payments solution for you and your customers. Did you know you can get started with sending online invoices for your services for free and just pay processing? Plus get access to tons of payment tools to help your business grow!

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