3 Critical Tools That Helcim Offers for Secure Transactions

You work hard to grow your business, that’s why it takes time and careful consideration before deciding to partner with a new company. 

Selecting the right credit card processing company matters because it has an impact on your team, company, and overall security. Helcim offers a variety of payment solutions that highlight honesty, security, and ease of use throughout their platform. Choosing a payment processor that makes it easy to get paid allows you to focus on other elements of your company. Read on to learn about the different tools that Helcim offers to help you accept secure transactions without a high price tag or confusing business practices.

Versatile Hardware

Regardless of your business size, you will have unique needs for your payments and customer checkout experience. Helcim provides flexible options that allow you to customize your processes to deliver the best possible user experience and seamless transactions. Create a configuration that works for you by combining the card reader with a device you’re already using such as a cell phone, tablet, or computer. From there, you can configure your account to further customize your point-of-sale, online checkout, inventory tracking, and more. These flexible options let you create a comprehensive and secure payment solution for your business. 

Tracking Capabilities

Because Helcim makes it easy to integrate and track information, you can easily view invoices, user data, and more from anywhere, and on any device. You can monitor inventory levels, set up automated emails, and even edit your team’s access all from within your Helcim account. Your customer’s credit card information is stored in the card vault so you don’t need to worry about storing sensitive customer data when completing virtual terminal credit card processing or accepting other new transactions. Compiling your business information in one centralized location makes it easy to review trends and track customer behavior. These insights can help you strategize for the future or pivot your operations when needed. You can be confident in Helcim’s security standards, they are a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance service provider and have tools in place to make it easy for your business to complete whatever your required PCI compliance needs are. Each account also includes access to their fraud monitoring tool, Helcim Defender, that provides intelligent insights into each transaction to help you identify which ones are potentially fraudulent. These security details can make credit card processing safer for all parties involved.  

Ecommerce Integration

Helcim can help you securely manage your business’s payment needs online beyond just using their virtual terminal. They make it easy to create an online store, you don’t need to hire web designers or spend weeks or months designing before you can get started. Simply complete the easy sign-up and get started right away. You can begin adding products and customizing your design while you wait for your account to be approved. Helcim can host your website for you, so you don’t have to worry about your server or finding a host. However, you still maintain control over your shop’s settings and can add additional content and branding elements if you want to add further customization. Just like their other payment solutions, accepting payments through your online store is easy and secure. Creating an online store makes it easy for your business to reach customers around the globe. 

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