Why Delivering Excellent Customer Service Matters
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Why Delivering Excellent Customer Service Matters

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Miranda Russell | December 16, 2020

“Considering the type of customer service offered by a payment provider might be an afterthought when deciding with which provider to go with.”
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    Customer Experience

    Have you ever had someone ask you for your opinion on a company or product, and you provided your opinion based solely on the customer experience you had with them?

    Was there a company that immediately came to mind for you? Chances are that the company provided either a distinctly negative, or distinctly positive customer service experience. These encounters end up coloring your opinion of a company, for better or worse and will be reflected in how you tell other people about that company going forward. That is the power of great customer service, it becomes a defining characteristic of whether you want to do business with a company or not.

    Considering the type of customer service offered by a payment provider might be an afterthought to some of the other features including pricing, hardware, and software. However, we believe that finding a payment partner who is able to provide excellent customer service that is helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable can have a big impact on how you feel about the service. Here's a quick overview of the key components we think make for great customer service and how we strive each day to deliver them.

    Easy to Get in Touch With

    With the wide range of communication tools available today, you will find a mix of different channels available to reach your payment processor. For the team at Helcim, we want to give you options. These include being able to call, email, or submit a ticket directly from your account. However you prefer to reach out to our team, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    No hidden charges, price is clear and on the low side. The most impressive to me is their great service. Every person at Helcim is friendly, highly efficient, very fast to reply to you and resolve your problem. They deserve 5 stars. Highly recommended!!

    -Sarah X.

    Friendly and Enthusiastic About Helping

    Once you get in touch with your payment processor, how is their customer service? At Helcim, we have a friendly merchant experience team who truly care about finding solutions for your business. Rest assured that if you have a question or if an issue arises, we make it our mission to find a solution for you because we care about your business as if it were our own. This should apply even if you're not yet a customer of theirs and you're shopping around to learn more about what each payment processor has to offer. Your initial contact as a potential merchant can be very telling - some questions you can ask to evaluate how willing they are to help include asking if you can see a contract to review before you sign and asking for a detailed breakdown of what extra fees they could charge. If they're not willing to share this information this could be a red flag.

    Helcim delivers on its mission! We have been with Helcim for a few years. Unlike our previous POS merchant, there are no high-pressure sales tactics. We have had a few technical problems, and each time Helcim has responded very quickly, given excellent service, technical help, and solved the problems. The Helcim mission has been to provide service without gouging the merchants, and they have delivered on their mission.

    -Mark J.

    Knowledgeable About the Product and Industry

    So what happens if your payment processor is easy to get in touch with, they offer great 24/7 service, and when you get someone on the phone, they sound super friendly and willing to help. You should be set, right? Unfortunately, the payments industry as a whole is complicated, so unless your provider's customer service team is knowledgeable about both the providers offering and the payments industry as a whole, you might still end up frustrated.

    Some companies prefer to outsource their customer service, both for the cost-savings and due to the sheer number of support members who might be needed to provide adequate support. Our opinion is that outsourcing is one of the worst ways to deliver customer service. If your payment provider's customer service is outsourced, the support team can end up being disconnected from the company and the product, making it difficult to get the answers they need. Helcim has a great in-house team of support members who have access to the people and information they need to answer your questions.

    I was hesitant to migrate into a new system by starting out a new account. I shared this feeling with a [success team member]; not only did we run into a few bumps on the road but I lost phone connection and I was sure this was a sign of failure, on a Monday. Instead, [they] called me back within seconds and laughed with me as we overcame each hurdle. She didn't give up on me and now my business is up and running smoothly. Thank you Mia. Yes, we are on a first name basis ; )

    -Herlinda C.

    Willing to go the Extra Mile

    The final element that we believe contributes to excellent customer service is having a team that is willing to go the extra mile when you need it. This might mean something different to everyone. Sometimes going the extra mile in finding a team member who can put that extra time in on the phone to make sure you understand something, or it might be following up weeks or months later to let you know a feature you requested is live, or it might mean rising to the occasion to address a high priority ticket about an issue you're experiencing. Whatever the details are, these are the experiences that usually shape how you feel about that company and what you tell other people.

    Five Star company and customer service. We recently had one of our employees enter a transaction incorrectly. After a call into Helcim customer service, that problem was solved immediately. Then while talking to the associate she guided me through a PCI compliance question relative to the correct IP addresses. The same person got that question resolved. Very impressive! Overall experience with Helcim has been 5 stars.

    -Steve B.

    Want Great Customer Service? Sign Up for Helcim

    So there you have it, it's the combination of being easy to get ahold of, friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile that we believe makes Helcim's customer service stand out in our industry. We're proud that our merchants regularly mention our customer service when reviewing us on other platforms and that they have strong relationships with our Support Team.

    If your business wants to accept credit and debit cards in-person or online, Helcim provides honest, transparent, and affordable credit card processing that stands out in the industry. Our Interchange Plus pricing is widely regarded as the most honest and affordable billing method in the industry, and merchants love our five-star customer service.

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