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  • Operating (DBA) name
  • Legal business name
  • Business address
  • Business registration type
  • Tax ID and type
  • Registration year
  • Phone number

Product & Service

  • Products or services you sell
  • Currency you operate in
  • Industry code (if known)
  • Product/service fulfillment times
  • Average monthly transaction volume
  • Average transaction size


  • Full name
  • Personal email
  • Phone number
  • Birth date
  • Home address
  • Ownership stake


  • I'm not an owner, can I still sign up?

    Yes! Just set your “Ownership Stake” to 0%.

  • Will your credit check affect my credit score?

    No! We only do a soft credit check, which has no impact on your credit score.

  • Why do I need to provide my SIN/SSN?

    SIN/SSN is part of the “Know Your Customer” regulation, which requires financial services companies to establish a customer’s identity and identify risk factors.

  • I can’t find an industry code that fits my business?

    That’s okay! Not all businesses fit perfectly into the defined industries. Just choose the closest option that describes your business, and we’ll fix it later if needed

  • I got a pop up saying my industry is not eligible for Bank Payments.

    Don’t worry, you can still accept credit and debit cards! It just means that your business is ineligible for ACH and EFT bank payments. If you need ACH or EFT payments, give us a call at +1 (877) 643-5246 and we can help!

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