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At Helcim, we're not just about savings; we're dedicated to supporting dental professionals. By simplifying billing, offering payment tools to support your team, and ensuring significant time and cost savings, you get more quality time with your patients – that's the Helcim difference.

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Floss away fees: save 26% with Helcim.

Welcome affordability and efficiency with Helcim. Our tools not only bring you streamlined, budget-friendly payments but also empower you to enhance your overall patient experience. Enjoy peace of mind with every transaction.

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* Calculated from first-party data on the dental industry compared to the average market flat rate.

Adaptable payments for your practice.

  • In-clinic

    Effortlessly embrace card payments at your practice with the Helcim Smart Terminal.

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  • Online

    From invoicing to instant 'Pay Now' emails and texts, our array of payment solutions allows you to collect payments at your convenience.

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  • On-the-go

    Easily manage payments as a mobile dental professional using either the Helcim Smart Terminal or our online platform. Ensuring efficiency on the go.

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Everything your practice needs and loves.

  • Affordable pricing

    Interchange Plus pricing is easy on the budget, saving dental professionals on average 26% compared to other merchant providers.

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  • Helcim Virtual Terminal

    Virtual Terminal

    Embrace efficiency with Helcim's Virtual Terminal, allowing you to seamlessly accept payments over the phone or remotely during house calls. Streamlining operations for your team and enhancing the patient experience.

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  • Helcim Diverse payment options

    Diverse payment options

    Helcim is home to a variety of payment options, like pay-now emails, texts, and invoices. Perfect for the rise of telemedicine and taking payments upfront or after an appointment.

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  • Helcim Recurring subscriptions

    Recurring subscriptions

    Simplify recurring patient payments with our effortless subscription billing, perfect for patients on a payments plan.

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  • Helcim Invoicing


    Effortlessly create and send invoices before or after appointments, offering flexibility for patients and optimizing your team's workload with the Helcim invoicing tool. Try it out for free.

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  • Helcim Smart Terminal

    Helcim Smart Terminal

    Our all-in-one Helcim Smart Terminal allows you to process payments in the privacy of the treatment room, offering more privacy and flexibility for your patients.

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  • Helcim Fee Saver

    Offer patients the power of choice – whether to cover credit card fees or opt for a budget-friendly ACH transaction, giving them the freedom to choose their preferred payment method.

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  • No strings attached

    Best part? There are no contracts, monthly or hidden fees.

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See why our dentists love Helcim.

  • "I was impressed by their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring my complete satisfaction.”

    Pmelo's Dental Group & Associates INC.

    Mar 3rd, 2023

  • "Would definitely give him 5 star rating all around!"

    Smile Standard

    Jan 1st, 2023

Our team is your team.

We understand the unique demands on a dental clinic and the importance of dependable support. Our team is here to assist you from the start, ensuring that you always have access to a real person dedicated to the success of your dental practice.

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  • Why should my practice partner with Helcim?

    Transparent rates, diverse tools, and exceptional customer service! Don't get stuck with hidden fees and contracts. We're all about honest, long-term partnerships. Reach out to our Helcim Merchant Experience team for answers and guidance, no pressure, just expertise and advice.

  • Are there any contracts or hidden fees?

    You can close your account at any time with no penalties or hidden fees. Say goodbye to setup fees, rate negotiations, termination fees, quarterly fees, PCI & non-compliance fees, customer service fees, and bank deposit fees. We make your experience hassle-free so you can concentrate on what matters most - your patients.

  • How long do funds take to be deposited?

    Deposits will appear in your bank account within 2 business days, depending on the time of day that your transactions are settled. Transactions processed over the weekend or bank holidays are initialized for deposit on the following business day. Your daily transactions are batched together and deposited to your bank account, net of processing fees.

  • Do you charge monthly fees?

    Absolutely not! We're committed to supporting dental professionals and ensuring their success, which is why we don't burden you with monthly fees. Moreover, you'll enjoy full access to our comprehensive suite of merchant tools and experience top-notch customer service designed to cater to the unique needs of your practice—all at no cost upon sign-up!

  • How long should I wait to get my in-person payment hardware?

    Committed to your success, we ensure your Helcim Card Reader or Smart Terminal arrives promptly, allowing you to start accepting in-person payments at your dental business as soon as possible. Typically, orders arrive in 2 - 3 business days. For some U.S. locations, delivery may extend to 5 business days, while specific Canadian areas may take up to 7 business days.

  • How much will I pay for payment processing?

    When you order a Helcim card reader or a Helcim Smart terminal, we work hard to ensure it reaches you as quickly as possible. Typically, shipping may take 2 - 3 business days. However, please know that shipping may take up to 5 business days for some businesses for US locations and up to 7 business days for some Canadian locations.

  • How much are the processing rates?

    We get it – every dollar matters. That's why we offer Interchange Plus pricing, giving you transparent costs and big savings. With Helcim,dental professionals typically save an impressive 24% compared to other flat-rate providers.

    For a detailed breakdown of your in-person and online transaction rates, visit our pricing page.

  • Do I need to change banks?

    Nope! You can use your existing bank account, provided by your financial institution or credit union. Sole proprietors can use a personal bank account. Incorporated business and partnerships are required to use a business bank account.

  • Do you offer volume discounts?

    Absolutely! This perk is particularly advantageous for dental professionals with significant processing volumes. Our Interchange Plus pricing adapts rates as your payment processing volume increases. Forget the hassle of calling to renegotiate rates – it's automated, saving you and your team valuable time. The outcome? Effortless savings that grow with your business.

    Once you create your Helcim account, you can begin using it right away! Get started here.

  • How can I sign up?

    Partnering with Helcim is a breeze! You can easily sign-up directly on our website using your computer or mobile phone, no need to deal with complicated paperwork or signatures. Our straightforward form takes just 5 minutes to complete, asking for basic details about your business, address, and contact information.

    Once your Helcim account is up and running, you're ready to unlock the benefits right away. Sign-up now and experience a better way to get paid!

    To calculate your rates for in-person and online transactions, you can visit our pricing page.

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