Mastercard Canada Interchange Rates.

Mastercard is one of the most commonly held and accepted credit cards in the US, Canada and the world. By accepting Mastercard, your customers can pay in-person, by phone and online. Helcim makes it easier and more affordable for your business to accept Mastercard cards so you can offer your customers a fast, reliable and secure method of payment. We display Mastercard's Interchange rates on our website as part of our transparent Interchange Plus pricing.

What is the Mastercard Interchange?

Interchange is the fee collected by the customer's credit card bank (the Mastercard card-issuer) on every transaction. These rates are set by Mastercard every year and apply to all processors. In other words, this is the true cost that the processor has to pay on every transaction. The interchange rates are part of our Interchange Plus pricing. The tables below provide a breakdown of the current Mastercard interchange rates.

Mastercard Credit Card Interchange Rates.

Card-Type Interchange Rate
Card-Present (EMV)  
Chip Consumer (Core) 0.920 %  
Chip Premium (World) 1.220 %  
Chip Corporate 2.000 %  
Chip Premium High-Spend (World Elite) 1.560 %  
Chip Super Premium (Muse) 1.650 %  
Contactless (NFC/Tap&Pay)  
Consumer (Core) 0.920 %  
Premium (World) 1.220 %  
Corporate 2.000 %  
Premium High-Spend (World Elite) 1.560 %  
Super Premium (Muse) 1.650 %  
Ecommerce Consumer (Core) 1.670 %  
Ecommerce Premium (World) 1.900 %  
Ecommerce Corporate 2.000 %  
Ecommerce Premium High-Spend (World Elite) 2.130 %  
Ecommerce Super Premium (Muse) 2.250 %  
Keyed (Virtual Terminal)  
Keyed Consumer (Core) 1.960 %  
Keyed Premium (World) 2.190 %  
Keyed Corporate 2.000 %  
Keyed Premium High-Spend (World Elite) 2.420 %  
Keyed Super Premium (Muse) 2.540 %  
MC International 1.100 %  
MC International Keyed 1.600 %  
MC International Premium 1.850 %  
MC International Super Premium 1.980 %  
MC International Corporate 2.000 %  

Mastercard Debit Card Interchange Rates.

(Debit) Card-Type Interchange Rate
Debit Retail 0.250 % + 5 ¢  
Debit Grocery 0.150 % + 5 ¢  
Debit Gas Station 0.150 % + 5 ¢  
Debit Keyed 1.150 %  
Debit Utilities 0.000 % + 10 ¢  
Recurring Payments  
Debit Recurring 0.600 %  
Assessments and Association Fees  
Mastercard Card-Brand 0.0983 %  
Mastercard Digital Enablement Fee
  1. 0.0226 %
  2. Min fee $0.0226
  3. Max fee $0.226
Acquirer Licence Fee 0.0054%  
Fixed Acquirer Access Fee $ 0.0103  
Account Status Inquiry ($0 transaction) $ 0.0283  
Address Verification Service (AVS) $ 0.0113  
Security Code Verification (CVC) $ 0.0028  
Mastercard International Cross-Border (CAD) 0.6780 %  
Mastercard International Cross-Border (USD) 1.1300 %  

*HST is charged to the acquirer/processor on network card-brand, association and cross-border fees. Mastercard's listed card-brand fee is 0.0800% respectively. Because this is an absorbed cost by the acquirer who are not allowed to claim ITCs in Canada, the HST on the card-brand fee cannot be used as an ITC by the merchant. Does not apply to interchange, per transaction or cost+ fees. Below are list to the official Visa and MasterCard interchange tables

Mastercard Interchange Rates


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