Welcome to Helcim.

Thank you for choosing Helcim as your payment partner! We’re so excited to help you get started accepting payments with your new device.

What are you setting up today?

  • Smart Terminal
    Helcim smart terminal sideview

    Step 1.

    Ensure your device has power and turn it on by pressing the button on the left side of the device.

    Helcim smart terminal interface

    Step 2.

    Connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network. If this is your first time logging in, complete the setup wizard to configure your device. Once completed, your device will reboot and automatically update to the latest version of the Helcim app.

    Step 3.

    Log in to your Helcim account and process your first payment!To learn how to take your first payment without transaction fees, click here.

    Helcim smart terminal standalone
    Helcim and Xero integration video thumbnail

    Need more help?

    Watch this walkthrough to get started with your new Helcim Smart Terminal.

  • Card Reader

    Step 1.

    Download the Helcim Payments App from the links below.

    POS frontal UI view

    Step 2.

    Pair your reader with the Helcim Payments App by clicking the red card reader icon and choose the terminal you have purchased. Alternatively, if this is your first time logging in, follow the first time setup guide the app presents you.

    Helcim new card reader
    New reader
    Helcim old card reader

    Step 3.

    Follow the instructions in the App. Process your first payment! To learn how to take your first payment without transaction fees, click here.

    Welcome to Helcim!

    Introducing Helcim for lawyers
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We're always here to help.

Whether it's for your equipment or for your Helcim account, you can quickly talk to a real person who actually cares about you and your business. our amazing Support Team will help you get it running.

For more tutorials and user guides, visit our Helcim Learning Center.

We're always
here to help.

New to accepting card payments? We take the time to help you understand how it all works so you can make the best decisions for your business.

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