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Introducing Helcim Integrated Payments for Developers and Platforms

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Nic Beique | July 2, 2024

“We’re excited to launch Helcim Integrated Payments, the easiest way for developers and software platforms to offer payment acceptance for their clients.”
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    We’re excited to launch Helcim Integrated Payments, the easiest way for developers and software platforms to offer credit card and ACH payment acceptance for their clients.

    We’ve always taken a unique view on what it means to be the world’s most loved payments company. We believe that payments should be made affordable to all businesses, we believe that it should always be accompanied with great customer service, and we believe that payments should be easy to accept both in-person and online.

    Now we’re making it possible for developers and other software companies to bring the world’s most loved payment service to their own platforms.

    Our merchants interact with a wide-range of providers in the market, from accounting platforms, to SaaS, to web designers, plugin developers, CRMs, industry-specific point-of-sale systems and so many others. We’re bringing Helcim’s unique payment service to this large ecosystem of business software and tools, while enabling these software companies to generate revenues for building and maintaining these integrations.

    As we built our Integrated Payment solution, we knew we had to help solve clear problems that have persisted in the embedded payments market.

    Easily integrate both in-person and online payments in one place

    Most payment-as-a-service offerings either lack, or have an overly complicated approach to letting software providers enable in-person payment. Our Smart Terminal API makes the integration of EMV Chip & Tap payments a breeze, including full support for US common debit and Interac transactions.

    All of Helcim’s merchant accounts are truly omni-channel, allowing merchants to accept both in-person and online payments from a single account and see those transactions consolidated under combined daily settlements.

    Easy and secure embeded payments with Helcim

    “Helcim simplifies partnerships. Their Smart Terminal API perfectly suits our needs for integrating card-present transactions, and their team is committed to fostering long-term relationships."

    Steven Izen, Co-Founder
    SMYLS Health

    Straightforward revenue-share

    Software providers should be able to monetize their payment integrations in a way that is simple and scalable. Our partners do not need to deal with complicated buy-rates or need to worry about being nickel and dimed in order to offer a competitive payment product in the market.

    It’s important for us that our partners be financially rewarded for their ongoing efforts in the development and maintenance of our payment integrations, and our straightforward revenue-share does just that.

    Partner with a brand that businesses love

    We’re enormously proud of Helcim’s growing brand and the trust it brings to merchants, from small to large businesses.

    We want our software partners to benefit from Helcim’s brand so that they can encourage more of their clients to enable integrated payments in their platform. Instead of a white-label solution, our co-branding approach allows our partners to bring immediate trust to their integrated payment offering.

    Easy and secure embeded payments with Helcim

    “Through our work with Helcim, our customers have access to a service that strives to do just that. We love working with the Helcim team, and most importantly our clients have really resonated with their payment service."

    Ben Richmond, Managing Director
    North America at Xero

    Transparent and affordable merchant rates that allow you to compete

    Having access to affordable payment rates is extremely important to merchants across industries, and this is especially true as they scale. Our view is that the typical 2.9% flat-rate pricing model found in the embedded payment market greatly limits payment adoption.

    As part of our Integrated Payments offering, the program brings Helcim’s transparent and affordable Interchange Plus rates to all merchants, including our automatic volume-based discounts. This lets our integration partners win more business and keep those clients as they scale.

    Customer service, KYC, AML and risk is handled for you

    We want our partners to focus on the great software and services that they’re building, and not have to worry about learning the financial intricacies of running a payment service. That’s why our program also brings our award-winning customer service to every merchant, so that our software partners don’t need to worry about managing customer support for onboarding, settlements, chargebacks, Interchange rates and so on.

    The same applies to our seamless merchant onboarding. There is no need to worry about KYC, AML and risk management as these functions are all handled seamlessly by Helcim.

    Get started quickly

    We aim to enable new partners to be able to integrate payments in days, not months.

    By leveraging Helcim’s existing payment platform, our program allows new partners to get started fast without the need for card-brand certifications or financial licenses. Our end-to-end-encrypted payment solutions also decrease PCI-compliance scope while still providing full integration-controls over transaction details.

    New partners can get started by visiting the Helcim Integration Payments page and registering directly.

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