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4 Free payment integration tools to grow your online business

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Miranda Russell | July 14, 2022

“We understand that today's businesses have unique needs and ambitious goals, that's why our API's and integration tools give you all the flexibility”
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    Last Updated on July 18, 2023 by Labib Ahmad

    Chances are, if you're running a business, you don't just need a payment processor, you need powerful integration tools that work with the multiple software providers and services you use to get everything done in a day.

    We understand that today's businesses have unique needs and ambitious goals; that's why our APIs and Developer tools give you the flexibility to use your Helcim account the way you need.

    In this blog, we will discuss four free tools and help you choose the best fit for your business whether you have in-house developer resources or you need a quick set up with minimal technical expertise to synchronize your payments and your online user experience.

    Which Integration tool is right for my business?

    Looking to go beyond payments? With these free integration tools, you can create an online catalog to view your products, process orders and transactions, or choose from numerous options to customize the payment experience that caters to your customers without breaking the bank! Integration tools can help you to:

    • Create seamless ways to process payments without going through the trouble of coding
    • Enhance your payment security and compliance with regulations. We take care of that for you!
    • Save money. The integration tools below will help your business spend less to earn more!

    Read on to see how each integration tool can help your business go even further.

    1. Developer API

    Coding Experience: Intermediate

    Beyond just processing payments, the API can be used for a wide range of actions in the Helcim platform.

    If your business has a dedicated developer team, you can utilize our developer API to grant you control over 80 different actions that allow you to customize items such as the product catalogue, customers, orders, and transactions. Essentially, our developer API allows you to pick and choose parts of the Helcim experience you want to integrate into your already existing platform.

    2. HelcimPay.js Plugin

    Coding Experience: Not needed

    HelcimPay.js (formally known as Helcim.js) is our low-code, easy and secure payment solution that enables developers to embed payments to an existing site, button, and link all without having to store sensitive data, meaning we take on the risk and help keep your business PCI compliant. So, not only do your customers benefit from the seamless payment experience, but your business does not need to worry about security because we take care of it on our end. Our plugin is simply plug-and-play for our payment model.

    3. Third-Party shopping carts

    Coding Experience: Beginner

    If you already use a third-party shopping cart, like WooCommerce, Foxy.io. or Great Exposure, our integrations make it easy to add Helcim's payment functionality to your existing service. Our merchant services are easy to integrate with hosted shopping carts, downloadable stores, and order management software.

    4. Hosted Payment Pages

    Coding Experience: Not needed

    If you need to add payment functionality to your website quickly, you can use our Hosted Payment Pages to create “Pay Now” buttons anywhere you need them, which lead to Helcim’s hosted page for your website.

    Hosted Payment Pages allow you to create an online payment page where customers can fill in their payment details and pay the business without the use of any code. It can be triggered by a "Pay Now" button or a "Purchase" button on your business' website. With Hosted Payment Pages, you have control over which fields to require. For example, the amount, payment method (credit card, ACH bank payments or both) and more.

    Final thoughts

    Our integration tools allow you and your business to seamlessly incorporate Helcim's payment processing capabilities into your existing operations. With an array of options, your business has the freedom to streamline payment processes, unlock customization possibilities, and elevate customer experiences to new heights.


    1. Do I have to be experienced in coding to use these integrations?

    It depends on the type of integration tool. While our Developer API requires intermediate coding expertise to leverage its full capabilities, our other integration tools are designed to be user-friendly, requiring only beginner-level experience or no experience at all. For example, our HelcimPay.js plugin simply involves copy-pasting our code onto your website and nothing else.

    2. Are there any additional fees or costs associated with using these integration tools?

    Nope! All our integration tools are free for all Helcim users. Your Helcim account is all you need.

    3. Is there any technical support available for businesses using these integration tools?

    Yes! The Helcim support team is here to help your journey with Helcim be as smooth as possible.

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