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5 Ways Helcim's Integration Tools Can Help Your Business

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Miranda Russell | November 9, 2018

“We understand that today's businesses have unique needs and ambitious goals, that's why our API's and Developer tools give you the flexibility to use Helc”
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Chances are, if you're running a business you don't just need a payment processor, you need powerful integrations that work with the multiple software providers and services you use to get everything done in a day.

We understand that today's businesses have unique needs and ambitious goals, that's why our APIs and Developer tools give you the flexibility to use your Helcim account the way you need.

Here are five ways Helcim's integration tools can help your business:

1. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway makes it easy to integrate payments to your website or app, so you can easily process transactions, settle batches, and add credit cards to the vault.

2. Developer API

Using the Developer API gives you control over 80 different API actions that developers can perform to customize items such as the product catalog, customers, orders, and transactions.

3. Helcim.js Plugin

The plugin gives you an easy and secure option to add payments to your website. Not only do your customers benefit from the seamless payment experience, but your business does not need to worry about PCI and security since it's taken care of on our end.

4. Hosted Payment Pages

If you need to quickly add payment functionality to your website, then you can use the Hosted Payment Pages to quickly create pay now buttons anywhere you need them.

5. Third-Party Shopping Carts

If you're already using a third-party shopping cart, like Magento or WooCommerce, our integrations make it easy to add Helcim's payment functionality to your existing service. Our merchant services are easy to integrate with hosted shopping carts, downloadable stores, and order management software.

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