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Better Payments Just Got Even Better

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Nic Beique | May 11, 2021

“Helcim ditches the $20 monthly fee, making their payment processing even more attractive for new merchants.”
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    Better Payments

    Helcim is on a mission to deliver Better Payments for merchants. At our core, we understand it's business owners like you that allow us to exist, and we love getting to build some of North America's greatest businesses with you. Since the beginning, we've always been on the hunt for ways we can disrupt the payments industry and give merchants more, and when our executive team sat down last month to talk about what else we could do for our merchants, one thing was front of mind-our monthly fee.

    Helcim already offers some of the most affordable pricing in the payments industry, and it's not uncommon for processors to charge a monthly fee as part of their pricing structure. But at Helcim, we're not the norm, and our merchants consistently laud us for being different. So we decided to take the leap and drop our monthly fee-officially making us one of most competitive payments companies on the planet. We're playing for keeps, we're fighting for small businesses, and we're on a mission to be a payments company that all merchants love. So thank you, to all our merchants who have worked with us-you're the best! And here's to a bright future full of Better Payments.

    Everyone is excited for No Monthly Fee. Even our pets.

    We wanted to have some fun with this announcement and employed some of our four legged friends to help our $20 monthly fee disappear.

    Have Questions? We Took Some Common Q's We Thought You Might Have and Answered Them Below:

    Why are you dropping my monthly fee?

    It's obviously been a difficult year for everyone, but especially small businesses. We thought the time was right to send a clear message to our merchants (and future merchants) that Helcim is serious about being a true ally for their business. We hope this decision helps demonstrate that beyond a doubt.

    Sure, but what's the real reason for the change?

    We have recently reached a point in our business where we could afford to remove our monthly fee and continue to deliver the same great payments service to our merchants.

    This was also a decision that was made to make it an easier decision for new merchants to sign up with us.

    Do I need to do anything?

    Absolutely not. We have already taken great pleasure in removing our monthly fee off your next statement.

    When does this change take effect?

    It already has! As of May 1st, we have officially given our monthly fee the boot. That means when you receive your statement for May, your monthly fee will no longer be charged.

    Is this a limited-time offer?


    Will my processing rates increase?

    No. Our great, low rates and Interchange Plus pricing are not changing at all. Removing the monthly fee is the only change we are making to our pricing right now.

    Are there any other changes I need to know about?

    Nope, not right now! You can continue to expect the same unwavering customer service, cutting-edge technology, and dependable payments experience that you've come to expect from Helcim.

    That being said, we're never satisfied! We're constantly striving to provide the best possible payments experience for our merchants so, if anything, the only changes you'll notice will be us providing you with an even better service!

    Can I help other small businesses benefit from Helcim?

    Definitely! We really appreciate anybody spreading the word about Helcim, so we try to make it worth your while.

    If you have had a positive experience with Helcim so far and you know another business that might benefit from our service, you can easily refer other businesses right from your dashboard!

    1. Look for the "Earn Free Processing" button on the top of your dashboard.
    2. Enter their basic information to send them either an email or text message, inviting them to join Helcim.
    3. Once their Helcim account is approved, you will both receive $5,000 worth of free processing! That's right! Free processing!

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