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It's Now Easier to Sell Online with the Helcim Online Store

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Miranda Russell | July 1, 2020

“Helcim's Online Store has been updated to make it easier to use, so your business can offer products and services to customers online.”
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    The Helcim Online Store has been updated to make it easier to use and faster to set up, so your business can offer products and services to customers online.

    As more businesses have pivoted to online sales as a result of COVID-19, the Helcim Team has been working around the clock to release planned improvements to the Helcim Online Store. With the immediate need businesses felt to set up ecommerce options for customers, we wanted to ensure that business owners had access to the tools they need to sell online.

    The Online Store update will:

    • Allow you to set up and edit products faster
    • Improve the interface for easier navigation
    • Offer a simpler checkout for your customers
    • Introduce the ability to create quick-order menus and create add-ons for products/menu items
    • Improve the visual look and feel of your store with one default theme
    • Offer a streamlined one-page checkout process
    • Generally make it faster and easier to sell online

    If you have a Helcim account, you already have access to the Online Store. Simply log in and select Online Store from the menu options to get started. We would love to hear what you think about the update and how your business has used the new functionality.

    If you want to know more about how the Online Store update will affect your account, we answer some common questions below.

    When Will the Upgrade Occur?

    The online store was updated on Sunday, May 3, 2020. You can now log in and use the new functionality.

    How Will I Be Impacted?

    If you are currently using the Helcim Online Store, the visual look and feel of your online store will be improved with the new default theme - which also improves the look and feel of the shopping cart and other pages. The checkout process has also been upgraded to be a one-page checkout making it easier for your customers to pay.

    This update has no impact on your existing store content, functionality, domain name, or your ability to accept payments. You will continue to log in using the same URL and user details.

    Will This Impact My Rates?

    No. Your debit and credit card processing rates will remain unchanged.

    What if I'm Not Using Helcim Commerce?

    If you're still using our legacy Virtual Terminal or Converge, now is a great time to consider switching to Helcim Commerce. Helcim Commerce is our merchant platform that features mobile apps, invoicing, better recurring payments, extensive reporting tools, fraud prevention, and more. All existing Helcim merchants can access Helcim Commerce without impacting their current pricing. Contact our Customer Service Team to get migrated!

    I Want to Set Up an Online Store, How do I Get Started?

    There are a number of helpful support articles you can view here. You can also reach out to the Helcim Gurus for assistance in getting started.

    Providing the best possible experience and continually finding ways to improve our payment services is one of our core values at Helcim. We hope that the updates to the Helcim Online Store make it faster and easier for your business to sell online.

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