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Take Full Control Of Your Payments Without The Security Liability

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, most security professionals warn against storing and transmitting credit card numbers through your own network. Storing your own cards drastically increases the cost and complexity needed to maintain your network infrastructure, on top of demanding PCI-DSS compliance requirements. Most importantly, your business becomes a target for hackers, who want to gain access to those valuable card numbers.

So how do you remove the risk of storing credit card numbers, while maintaining full control over your ability to charge those cards when needed?

Enter the Helcim Card Vault

As your payment processor, we encrypt and store those credit card numbers for you, which shifts your credit card storage liability onto us. Once encrypted, a unique 23-character alphanumeric card token is generated that corresponds to the stored credit card. This card token is not considered sensitive cardholder data, which means you can store card tokens in your own database without the risk.

Whenever your business needs to process a transaction, you can make an API call to our platform with the card token and the desired amount to be processed. Helcim will decrypt the card, authorize it, and send you back the transaction response.

Adding Credit Cards to the Vault

If your business is currently storing a large number of credit cards and would like to move those cards to the Helcim Card Vault, you can easily upload a CSV (Excel) file of your existing credit card numbers. You can also contact our customer service team for other migration options and help.

On an ongoing basis, it is important to design a workflow that allows your business to add and update credit cards in the vault without “touching” full credit card numbers. While you can send a full credit card number to our API for storage, this transmission puts your network back into the scope of security and PCI. Instead, we provide a number of ways that your team or your customers can add credit cards to the vault securely. These include Hosted Payment Pages, Self-Service Customer Portals, as well as Helcim.js for developers.

Getting Started

Using the Helcim Card Vault is a great way to make your business more secure while maintaining control over your payments and the ability to charge credit cards whenever you need it. The Card Vault is built-into our Helcim Commerce platform and is available to all of our merchants without additional costs. At Helcim, we believe that providing you with ways to make your business more secure and payments more seamless shouldn’t cost extra. Contact our friendly team of Helcim Gurus or sign-up today.

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