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Get Invoices Paid Faster With The Credit Card Vault

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Nic Beique | April 29, 2018

“Getting paid on time can be a challenge for any business.”
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    Increase Your Cash Flow And Stop Chasing Your Clients

    Getting paid on time can be a challenge for any business. You send out invoices and hope that clients pay them quickly. Sometimes you're lucky and it takes just a reminder, other times it's repeated calls or even a few strongly worded emails and chats before the client finally writes that check. Meanwhile, you're out the money and the reduced cash flow could jeopardize your ability to do more business.

    So how can you get your invoices paid faster without having to frequently pester your clients every month? Enter the Helcim Card Vault.

    First, accepting credit cards is a great way to lessen the friction of getting paid. Most clients are much quicker to provide you with a credit card than they are to write a check or send an e-transfer. One reason many customers prefer to pay via credit card is that they can collect travel rewards, another is that they can delay their payments and deal with their cash flow needs. And while there is a cost to accepting credit cards, the increased cash flow of getting paid right away can have a hugely positive impact on your business.

    So accepting credit cards is a step, but if you're still manually calling your clients for those card numbers with every invoice you send, you're only halfway there.

    Securely Storing Credit Cards

    Our Helcim Commerce platform was built with this in mind. Whenever you or your client process a credit card transaction through our platform, we encrypt and store that credit card number for you. Whether your client paid using the online invoice tool, the mobile app, the online store, or just a payment page, their customer profile now features that stored credit card. Even transactions that you process through the Virtual Terminal or the API will have the card tokenized and stored.

    That means that you can bill that credit card whenever your business needs, without having to pester your clients. Next time you invoice your customer, simply let them know that you will bill their card-on-file and it's done. Having that credit card stored by Helcim means that you shift that security liability onto us.

    It's time to feel good about your payments.

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