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We Love Small Business

Vlog #6

On the very first page of our website, we describe what makes us unique and say that “we do this because we actually care”. In this weekly update, we explore that sentence and our approach to partnering with small businesses. 

We’re Grateful To Service Small Business

You choosing Helcim as your payments provider is a privilege and a decision that we’re grateful for - we do not take our customers for granted.

Just like you, we started this business from the ground up too. We know how hard you have to work to earn every dollar you make, so we keep our pricing fair and honest. Being surprised by hidden fees or a higher than expected bill can be devastating when you’re trying to build your business. We don’t want to be that company.

We decided a long time ago to be a different payments provider. We said let’s show all our rates online, let’s be completely transparent, and let’s actually explain how credit card processing works, instead of trying to profit from the confusion.

Highlighting Bad Practices By Our Competition

Most banks and payment companies say that they help small businesses, but then they have contracts and cancellation fees, or they overcharge on processing fees, or they sell you overpriced equipment leases, or they don’t provide you with a telephone number to call when you need help. That’s not caring, that’s just saying one thing but doing the opposite.

It’s 2018 - and I think people are starting to expect more from the companies they do business with. Companies can’t just have slick ads on TV and somehow convince people that they are small business-friendly. If their website is just a bunch of stock photography with people smiling, to me that just feels like they are hiding behind their company.

People want to know who they are doing business with, and what they actually stand for.

Helcim cares, because I care and because my team cares.


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