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Rock Climbing from Vlog 14

Vlog #14

In this special edition of the Helcim Vlog, we take you on the road with CEO and Founder Nic as he travels to Nevada and talks all things work-life balance and how to make it all work together.

Why Can’t Work and Play Just be Together and be What You Call Your Life? 

Something almost everyone struggles with at some point is how to establish an effective work-life balance that works for them and doesn’t cause guilt over disconnecting to be with their families, or not disconnecting to stay in touch with the office when they’re spending time with family. While the balance might look different for everyone it’s important to remember the value that vacations and trips can bring to your life by letting you experience new adventures, get new ideas, and recharge your batteries.

At Helcim we believe that vacations are definitely worth it and that is why all employees receive great vacation time, so they can explore new things with their family or friends and come back to the office recharged and motivated.

What we don’t believe is that doing work on vacation is inherently bad. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re very career-driven, or you’re just really enjoying the momentum that you are creating at work it might be hard to disconnect. What we have found is that finding a balance between work and vacation, even if that means checking emails in the morning while you’re on vacation or setting up designated times to check in with the office, can help relieve stress and allow you to enjoy the moment and be truly present with what you’re doing. By enjoying your work and fusing it with your personal life we hope you’ll feel less conflict and more at ease whether you’re in the office or rock climbing in Nevada.


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