It's Time to Empower Your Business

Helcim Commerce Was Made To Let You Do More

We designed Helcim Commerce to be used by anyone. You don't need to hire a programmer, developer or web designer. Every feature was designed to be intuitive and easy use. We want you to do things that you thought were out of your reach, and compete with the savviest competitors. Build the business you want in a few clicks.

Simply accept payments – or – build an online store, set up a checkout with the point-of-sale system, accept payments through a virtual terminal, manage invoicing and orders, track customers and inventory, and access all your business data from one spot. Get started and discover all the amazing things you can do with Helcim Commerce.

Full User-Access Controls

Create an unlimited number of users, while maintaining full control over what they can create, modify, access and process.

Helcim Commerce also provides your users with enhanced security thanks to two-factor authentication and brute-force login detection.

Customize The Look And Feel

From the content management system to the email templates, you control what your customer sees. You can also add your brand to Helcim Commerce in just a few clicks. All point-of-interactions with your customers, from invoices to receipts to portals, can be customized to match your branding. Select themes, upload your logo, adjust your colors and customize fields to make it work for you.

Multi-Locations and Merchant IDs

A single Helcim Commerce account can support multiple business locations. This means that your inventory, products, orders and customer profiles are accessible accross multiple locations, users and devices. All your data stays together, part of the all-in-one experience. Helcim Commerce also supports multiple merchant accounts on a single platform. This means that you can easily switch between location and currencies, without the need to switch between accounts.

Discover Helcim Commerce What Can We Help You With?

Built-In Payment Processing

Payments are infused everywhere in the Helcim Commerce platform. The primary purpose is to get you paid faster. From the virtual terminal, to the hosted payment pages, to the payment gateway and the mobile apps, you can always accept payments with ease.

Online Invoicing

Helcim Commerce has a built-in online invoicing system. You can customize the look and feel, add your logo and create new invoices with ease. Customers can pay online and store their information for next time.

Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Helcim Commerce comes with a full Point-of-Sale system, so you can speed up your checkouts. When using your tablet or phone, you can also download the Helcim Commerce Mobile App on an unlimited number of devices.

Fully-Hosted Online Store

Helcim Commerce is also an e-commerce platform, allowing you to securely host your website using your own domain name. The content management system (CMS) gives you control over the look and feel of your store as well as the content.

Product Catalog and Inventory Management

Helcim Commerce lets you manage your product catalog from a central location. Choose which products you want to sell in-store and which ones to sell online. The inventory management system alerts you when stock is running low.

Customer Management and Card-Vault

Helcim Commerce helps you manage your customer relationships. Create profiles, save addresses and securely store credit cards in the card-vault. Enable the self-service Customer Portal and allow your customers to login and keep their own information up-to-date.

Subscription Management

Helcim Commerce comes with a full suite of subscription management and recurring processing tools. You can create payment plans, add subscriptions and automate your entire billing process. Advance options include pro-rated billing, trials, and dunning management.

APIs and Third-Party Integrations

Helcim Commerce has a robust developer API, allowing you to code custom integrations and add payments to any app or website. It also supports popular third-party shopping carts, and syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.