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How to get a Job at Helcim (We're Hiring)

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Cheryl Hooper | June 24, 2022

“We're hiring again at Helcim! With ambitious growth plans for the next year, we will be continuing to grow the Helcim team, so I wanted to share how you can increase your chances of getting a job at Helcim.”
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    Hello Future Potential Teammate,

    We're hiring again at Helcim! With ambitious growth plans for the next year, we will be continuing to grow the Helcim team, so I wanted to share how you can increase your chances of getting a job at Helcim.

    Step 1: Learn about what it's like to work at Helcim

    We highly recommend learning what it's like to work at Helcim before applying. Every company is unique, and every company has different expectations of what excelling means, which is true for Helcim.

    When you start looking for a job you'll love, understanding the culture is #1. It's not just about the job or the work - it's the team, the energy, and the drive to work with passionate people that will keep you energized and engaged. Spending time understanding the work environment upfront can save you a lot of time, and even prevent you from taking a misstep in your career. Don't underestimate the importance of this step; start-ups aren't for everybody. They require passionate people who are excited about our journey and who are willing to put in the work (and extra time) to build something special.

    We hope to attract people who share our core values, are excited to shake up the payments industry, and are full of passion, integrity, and talent. You can learn more about what it's like to work with us by reading:

    Step 2: Submit your application online

    This step might sound like every company, but trust me, our process is different.

    Real people (not algorithms searching for keywords) are reviewing your application. Not only that, it's not the People & Culture Team doing the review; it's the team that's hiring. These are the same people who do the job you're applying for, and they want to hire team members who are willing to go the extra mile and share the same enthusiasm they do about the work. This means the effort you put into your application REALLY matters to us.

    Think of it this way, if you put a lot of effort into your application, we see it as a reflection of how you'll do the job - you'll show that you care about the quality of your work. If you don't follow the application instructions, ignore the pre-screening questions, or just use the same cover letter you do for every application, you won't hear from us. Of course, be sure to check your resume for poor formatting, mixed fonts, and typos. All of these indicate a lack of attention to detail that will hurt your application prospects.

    Cover letters can sometimes be a controversial topic, and we realize that some people might not want to write them. We definitely want to see them, so be sure to include a cover letter with your application. Your cover letter is a tool you can use to tell us exactly who you are, why you're interested in working for Helcim, and what attracted you to the position.

    The trick to writing a memorable cover letter is to merge your strengths with the company's goals so we can see how hiring you will help us achieve our goals. Because we look for passion in our ideal candidates, you can use your cover letter to demonstrate why you're passionate about working for Helcim. Cover letters are also an excellent way for candidates who are just starting their careers to make themselves stand out in case several other classmates are also applying with very similar resumes.

    One of my favorite resources for cover letter writing is the website Ask a Manager. If you check out the helpful hints here, you should have a winning cover letter.

    Step 3: The interview(s)

    I know interviews are stressful, but there will be more than one interview - at least two, or maybe three. Would you marry someone after only one date? I doubt it. That's why we like to get to know each other a bit before committing.

    Once you get the interview, there are a few things you can do to ensure you're prepared and ready to wow us. Freshen up on what you know about Helcim, research our products, and research the job itself. Preparation and practice are so important to ensure you present yourself well during the interview process. Don't underestimate its importance and think you can wing it.

    Just like with the application review, interviews are completed by your future team members and leaders. They are the ones who know the job the best and what it will take to be successful. They'll ask you all sorts of questions (behavioral, situational, and technical) to get to know you better. Ask them questions too. We expect that you'll be curious to learn more about the company.

    Candidates who come in prepared have a much better chance of landing the job. There are heaps of online resources that can help you - LinkedIn, YouTube, and a quick Google search should suffice. You can practice your responses to interview questions with a friend or record yourself on your phone. There are so many ways to ensure you'll be ready.

    Another thing you can do is show up 5-10 minutes early; we do not appreciate candidates who show up late.

    Finally, if you're coming in for an interview, we've invited you because we want to get to know you, so bring your best self. Be prepared to share what interests you, what makes you tick, and why you'd be a great addition to the team.

    Step 4: Technical Interviews

    Technical interviews vary at Helcim depending on the role.

    If you're interviewing for a software development role, for instance, you'll come into our office and be presented with a coding challenge to work through. You'll be able to use your own laptop, use any language you'd like, and the interview team will be there to help you with any questions. We're looking for you to walk us through your thought process as you tackle the coding challenge.

    We also have writing, design, product management, and other types of challenges depending on the role. Sometimes these are take-home assignments, and other times they are part of the interview.

    Make sure you ask us what our process looks like specifically for the role you've applied for. This way, you can be well prepared.

    Step 5: The Offer

    We love inviting new team members to join us - this is a great day for us! When you receive your offer, you'll learn about the pay, benefits, stock options, and vacation at Helcim. You'll also be asked to complete a Background Check online with Certn.

    Not surprisingly, you'll have paperwork to complete and forms to sign, all in an effort to get you on board to the team quickly and efficiently. Once you sign and return your new hire paperwork, you're in! Your first day awaits you.

    Step 6: Day 1

    You'll receive a warm welcome on your first day at Helcim! Your journey begins with onboarding sessions that will acquaint you with the company and the payments industry. There will be time to meet the team and settle at your new desk in our lovely downtown Calgary office. We'll show you the ropes and help you get going with your new role.

    You'll quickly find that everyone at Helcim is ready to help you, answer any questions, and help you learn. We're big on feedback and two-way communication. It won't be long before you're paying it forward and sharing your experience with other new team members too.

    At Helcim, we focus less on experience and more on hiring passionate people. So, if you're passionate about what you do and want to work with other smart, creative, driven people, then submit your resume and cover letter.

    Good luck, we can't wait to hear from you!

    Cheryl, Manager of People & Culture

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