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How I Stay Motivated and Avoid Burnout

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Nic Beique | September 24, 2018

“In the past few vlogs I've shared all the different things that I am working on, and since constantly hustling with a never-ending to-do list can be a bit tir”
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    Vlog #33

    Thank you to Rodolfo for taking over the vlog last week, I hope everyone enjoyed his design advice and learned something new.

    In the past few vlogs I've shared all the different things that I am working on, and since constantly hustling with a never-ending to-do list can be a bit tiring, I wanted to take this week to share the strategies and tools I use to stay motivated and not burn out.

    Staying Motivated

    Even if you really love the work you're doing, there are times when you may lose the motivation needed to continue moving your company forward. If I feel my motivation waning, there are some simple things I can do to re-motivate myself.

    Have a vision

    Knowing where your company is going and what you're trying to accomplish as an entrepreneur will help keep you motivated when you're feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list. At Helcim, we're working to build a really awesome payment experience for small businesses, so staying focused on that is what keeps me going.

    Find inspiration in a good book

    Books have definitely kept me going when I hit a mental roadblock. Sometimes you'll be sitting at home trying to find your through a problem, or at an impasse because you're lost for ideas. It's in these moments that I find books can help give me inspiration by showing me how other people have solved problems and accomplished their goals. When I get stuck I'll read a few chapters in a book, and it'll often help me push through those mental roadblocks.

    Build a great team

    If you surround yourself with good, positive people who believe in your vision, then they can help move things forward when you're feeling stuck. Enthusiasm is contagious, and it's hard not to get caught up in the momentum when your entire team is rallying behind you.

    Avoiding Burnout

    No matter how great the work is, how passionate your team is, and how motivated you are in the beginning, you will hit a point when you start to feel burnt out. From my experience, I know there are small things I can do on a daily or weekly basis to keep myself from burning out. Here's what I have learned.

    Dedicate time to exercise

    I recognize the importance of taking care of your health, so lately I've been better about trying to allocate a day to do activities whether it's skiing, biking, or going for a hike. I really like to stay active with something I enjoy because it's a good way to insert a break into your day. Find an exercise you like and try to stick to it.

    Put limits on your workdays

    I've been trying to put a limit on the workday and prioritize sleep, which can be challenging as I am naturally a night owl. After 9-10 at night, unless its an absolute emergency, I put the screens away. Setting clear end times to the workday also helps to ensure I can bring my whole self to the office the next morning because I haven't been up-all-night working.


    The final thing that I have started doing recently is mediation. I personally use the app Headspace to sit down for 5-10 minutes and recalibrate. I've found that allocating a few minutes to meditation can help clear my mind and allow me to refocus on the tasks at hand.

    Thank you for watching the vlog this week, if you have any other tips for staying motivated and avoiding burnout I would love to hear what they are.


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