Why We Hire Creative People

Creative Helcim Team

Vlog #12

What does it take to create something new every week? In this week’s vlog, we walk you through the ups and downs of our creative process.

Creativity Can Exist In Any Industry

For a long time, we were guilty of thinking that Helcim was a boring business. Payments aren’t sexy – why would the press ever write a story about a Calgary-based credit card processor? Then we realized that a business is only as interesting as its people. We stopped focusing on whether our industry was interesting, and we started focusing on making Helcim a great place to work so that we could attract a wider range of talent. It wasn’t accomplished overnight, but in time that focus led to a more engaged team, a better free-flow of ideas, and a new need to hire more smart and creative people to bring those ideas to life.

We hire creative people because they bring energy, ideas, and new ways of looking at problems for any business and any industry. A creative employee isn’t limited to a designer or a videographer – we have creative customer service agentscreative programmers, and creative server administrators. Creativity is the ability to think of new ways to tackle problems and not being afraid to try them. As you keep repeating the process, you see your business evolving for the better, one idea at a time.

Fast forward to today, and Helcim is quite a different company. We might “just” be a credit card processor, but if a business is only as interesting as its people – I’m proud to say that Helcim is becoming quite interesting indeed.


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