Start accepting EFT/PAD transfers. Start Accepting EFT/PAD Transfers.

Helcim offers the fastest method for your business to send and deposit funds. EFT Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) payments allow you to effortlessly capture payment and transfer money between accounts. Now it's easier for your customers to pay you, and with less fees, that means more money goes directly to your business.

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EFT payment processing made easy.

Removing roadblocks to getting paid. Pre-authorized debit payments and EFT, or electronic fund transfers, are flexible merchant tools at no extra cost or monthly fee, no contract and always $0 for unlimited transactions.

For US merchants, see ACH payments
EFT payment processing
  • Simple pricing
  • No monthly fees
  • Platform integration

0.5 + 25

$5 per returned or rejected transfer
  • Get invoices paid via EFT/PAD

    Build branded invoices and get paid online via EFT/PAD. Each EFT/PAD invoice has easy-to-understand fields where customers can enter their details and pay.

  • Process EFTs with the Virtual Terminal

    Peace of mind meets convenience. Securely accept EFT payments - simply enter and store customer information and bank details in our customer card vault for easy transactions and peace of mind.

  • Automate your recurring biling

    Never miss a bill or payment again. Automate billing for your clients, set up recurring notifications and even payment plans with pre-authorized debit (PAD). Ideal for Canadian B2B pre-authorized payments automation.

  • Request payments by email & SMS

    No more buried unpaid invoices. Follow up on client EFT payments with email or SMS requests. Reach your client where they are the most - on their phone and gently remind them to send a quick payment.

Save on EFT/PAD processing fees.

A more affordable solution than paying via credit card, EFT transfers are a budget friendly solution to reducing your overall costs.

Discover our transparent approach to pricing
ACH Processing fees

At Helcim, we make pre-authorized debit payments affordable for your small business and have even removed typical EFT provider fees. What you can expect:

  • No monthly fees
  • Low processing rates
  • No batch fees
  • No high NSF reject fees

EFT and credit card payments under one roof.

One provider - All your payment needs: Everything you need in one place. Accept everything from credit and debit to bank transfers and more - all bundled up in one intuitive merchant platform. Let us simplify your payments.

Learn more about accepting credit cards with Helcim

Pre-authorized debit, without the pain.

Grow Your business with compliant EFT payments processing and banking. Generate PAD agreements automatically for clients and collect one-time or recurring payments in a fast, secure and compliant manner.

One free account. Full access.

No paywalls or trials here.
At no extra cost, Helcim's all-in-one Merchant Platform gives you the latest technology and all the tools you need to get paid and grow your business.

We've got all your payments covered

More free tools than you can handle

  • Invoicing
  • Online Checkout
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Recurring Plans
  • Payment Links
  • Card Vault
  • Customer Portal
  • Inventory
  • Online Food Ordering
  • SMS Payments
  • QR Codes
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We're building the world's most loved payments company.

  • "I never thought I could love a credit card processing company."

    - Kyla P, Santa Fe

  • "Love their positive can-do attitude! I look forward to doing business with them for a long time."

    - Danny Mancini

  • "As a small business owner I absolutely love Helcim!"

    - Dr. Shea Miller

  • "Absolutely Love everything about them."

    - High Voltage Action Sports

  • "Is it possible to Love your credit card processor? With Helcim, Yes!"

    - Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb

  • "Love it."

    - Southeast Properties Global


  • What fees could I save by using EFT?

    Save with no monthly fees, batch & high NSF reject fees. Simple price of 0.5% + .25 cent | $5 per returned or rejected transfer.

  • Do I need to always use EFT for every transaction?

    Allows your clients to have options to pay with either card or EFT. Saving you time and money per transaction.

  • What type of accounts can I accept for EFT?

    Clients can provide either their personal or business banking information. Which includes options of checking or savings.

  • How long does an EFT payment typically take to process?

    Usually about 5 business days for the initial setup and first payment and then typically 3-4 business days on a per customer basis.

  • What type of transaction can be accepted with EFT?

    Can be used for one-time or recurring/subscription payments.

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