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How To Get Paid By Text Message

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Danny Randell | October 12, 2021

“Payment requests are one of the many new and innovative ways businesses are adapting to the technological world in which we live.”
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    How Do SMS Payment Requests Work?

    Payment requests are one of the many new and innovative ways businesses are adapting to the technological world in which we live. With the click of a button from a business, a request for payment can be sent to a customer. With just one more click on the customer's end, businesses are getting paid. So how does it work?

    Using a virtual terminal software, a payments company like Helcim lets business owners simply click "send payment request", select a customer, enter a payment amount, and hit send.

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    Can My Customers Pay By Text?

    Once a customer receives a payment request via text, it's easy for them to pay. All they need to do is click the provided link, enter their credit card or banking information and click "˜pay'. If they've used the payment request service before, they can pay in just one click.

    Why Should Businesses Collect Payments Via Text?

    Payment requests are an easy way for businesses to collect payments without having to call customers or have them visit their location in person. Once a customer receives the payment request, they can use the link in the message to submit their payment right away.

    Unlike accepting payments over the phone, where both yourself and your customer need to be available at the same time, with payment requests, both the request and the payment can be done at the convenience of both parties.

    What Sort of Businesses Can Use Text Payment Requests?

    All sorts of businesses can use payment requests including:

    • Contractors and home service providers who might provide services without customers being present
    • Accountants and tax specialists who might complete work for clients without meeting face to face
    • Automotive shops and mechanics completing work for customers who are busy working during their hours of operation
    • Estheticians and beauty providers who provide mobile or home services
    • Event planners and caterers who want an easy way to remind customers payment is due

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