10 Business YouTube Channels For Entrepreneurs

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85% of American’s are watching videos online, 45% of people are watching more than one hour of Facebook or YouTube videos per week, and 92% of mobile video viewers are sharing videos with others. That’s a lot of video consumption.

At Helcim, we often share videos we find entertaining, educational, or interesting with the rest of the team. We also create our own videos to share product updates, company announcements and give our subscribers an inside look at startup life.

We have found many YouTube channels valuable for entrepreneurs and small businesses, so we wanted to create and share our own top ten list of the best Youtube channels out there for entrepreneurs.

1.) TED

If you’ve been on YouTube, then you’ve probably heard of or watched at least one TED Talk. Their YouTube channel shares some of the best ideas from the conference in easily digestible videos, with new posts being shared each week. We enjoyed this recent video on How to turn a group of strangers into a team. The talk is entertaining but also includes interesting lessons on what builds strong teams.

2.) Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur shares business ideas and trends including the latest news, expert advice, and growth strategies for small business owners. We find the Entrepreneur content to be highly relevant as we continue to grow Helcim and you’ll likely find useful videos and insights that apply to your situation if you’re growing your own small business. Their three things entrepreneurs should know today series includes quick videos on news or tips that can help entrepreneurs in under 60 seconds.

3.) Startup Grind

Helcim often takes part in the Startup Grind events in Calgary as an attendee or a sponsor, the events are a great way to meet entrepreneurs in your community and learn from others who have gone through similar things as you. This is their main channel that includes information from their Global Conference, they also have a Startup Grind Local channel for videos from their individual chapters. 

4.) Behind the Brand

Bryan Elliott shares interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners about the stories behind their success. The videos include great insights and lessons learned that you can apply to your own business. Elliot recently shared a few videos where he interviewed Derral Eves about how to find success on YouTube, a topic that resonated with us as we work on creating engaging content for our merchants and customers.

5.) Fight Mediocrity

These illustrated videos take concepts from popular self-help and advice books and animate the lessons while the narrator explains the story. The concepts and information are easily digestible and entertaining to watch with Mark Keller’s great animation skills. In this video, the concepts from How to Win Friends and Influence People are reversed making the video humorous but still educational.

6.) Talks at Google

These videos include a wide spectrum of people from authors, innovators, speakers, successful business owners and celebrities to talk about their work. The wide variety of topics are entertaining and inspirational, in their 2017 Year in Review video you can get a good feel for the diverse nature of the talks and the interview set up that the videos use.

7.) TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of our guilty pleasure channels; they share new tech products and innovations that we find very cool. We also appreciate their Startup profiles and tech news. In a recent video, they profiled Guardian Gym, a non-profit gym that was started by two former Twitter employees who are proving that innovation can be applied in all sectors.  

8.) Graham Stephan

Graham offers real-life advice for the entrepreneur or the “solo”-preneur; often dealing with topics like personal finance, real estate, and investment. Graham is a great example of someone who built a business without really re-inventing the wheel. Instead of a unique business idea, Graham took time-honoured principles and put them into practice to make himself a millionaire by age 26. You’re sure to walk away with something from this channel; whether you watch it simply for entertainment, or want to learn something about money and business.

9.) Skillshare

If you want to pick up a new skill then Skillshare is a great place to start. They have thousands of classes on design, business, and technology. Skillshare is great for keeping your current skills sharp or helping you learn something new, especially if you’re a small business owner who has to wear multiple hats. As a small business ourselves we’re often quite busy, so Brian Cervino’s video on the Pomodoro Technique to enhance our productivity was both relevant and helpful.

10.) HubSpot

If you want tips on how to make your business great at marketing, look no further than HubSpot. With informative videos on almost every aspect of marketing, this well-known inbound marketing company is divulging the industry’s secrets to any business owners willing to listen. For free educational content, HubSpot is the way to go.

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