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Get Your Business Organized in 2023 with These 5 Actionable New Year's Resolutions

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Ryleigh Stangness | January 1, 2023

“Are you ready to get your business organized for 2023? Most businesses are looking for actionable ways to cut down on administrative work, get ahead, and work smarter- Here's how to crush those goals with simple swaps and changes that stick.”
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    With the new year comes a fresh start and new possibilities for your business. Now is the time to set some actionable resolutions that can help you get organized and move your business forward.

    According to a recent article by Forbes, one of the top 3 reasons New Year resolutions fail is a need for more accountability structure to help sustain the changes and resolutions you are making. Therefore, this article gives you the means to create an organized management and checkout structure through various tools to help you implement those structural changes without even thinking about it.

    Here are five great New Year's resolutions for getting your business organized in 2023.

    1. Create flexibility for you and your customers

    Have you been pining for a winter getaway but can never bring yourself to buy the ticket because you feel tied down to your business? Looking for a way to work from home or cut down on store hours? Why not take your payments wherever you are, or allow customers to pay online with a virtual terminal. A virtual terminal is an online payment processing platform that allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other payment forms like ACH/ EFT bank transfers for online purchases. It also helps with customer data management, allowing you to track customer purchase history and loyalty information. Investing in a virtual terminal, or switching to a provider who offers it as a free tool can save you time and money but also increase your payment options allowing flexibility for customers to pay you from anywhere. All you need is a device like a phone, tablet, or computer to process payments from anywhere so you can shake up your routine and get out of the office or from behind the checkout counter while meeting your customers where they are.

    2. Start using templates and tools that cut time and effort

    You can save some serious time and energy with software and templates like our invoicing tool that quickly creates invoices for customers that include all of the necessary information such as payment due date, products or services purchased, cost details, taxes, etc. Cherry on top? A Pay Now button which synchronizes invoicing with your payment system and customer profile so you can send it and forget it. Take it a step further and make invoices recurring so you don’t need to manually make or send out invoices to your regulars anymore (talk about a structural change!) This makes it easy to keep track of who owes what so you don't have to spend hours manually preparing invoices each month.

    3. Automate pesky, repetitive or time-consuming tasks

    Being a small business owner can be overwhelming with only about half the average working week being spent on actually operating and running your enterprise. To put that into perspective, recent research says that 3-4 hours a day are instead tied down by administrative activities. If you have one new year’s resolution this year, make it to cut down that time- especially on things like billing when you can do the work to set it up once, and forget about it for the rest of the year.

    You can automate billing processes, for example, by setting up recurring billing practices to help ensure that payments are collected on time from customers as well as make tracking payments easier on your end since they will be automatically processed without needing manual intervention each month or quarter. This can ultimately save you time and money while making it easier to manage cash flow efficiently.

    Take it a step further and start using ACH or EFT bank transfers instead of credit card payments which means no expired card details and no chasing down unpaid balances and customer information.

    4. Get your ducks in a row with inventory management software

    In a time when inflation is rising and businesses are cutting cost a looming recession, and supply chain issues are still recovering, it is unnerving to learn that the average business only has enough stock for 1.8 months at a time. Higher costs and lower stock make getting organized and knowing what you need and what you have ever more important.

    Not to mention, tracking inventory levels manually is a tedious process that can become especially difficult when dealing with multiple products, locations, or product variants on different platforms (e-commerce stores, brick-and-mortar shops). Utilizing inventory management software simplifies this process by providing real-time insights into inventory levels across all channels so you don't have to worry about manually updating stock numbers repeatedly or running out of supplies unexpectedly.

    Not only can inventory management help get you organized and prevent problems from arising, but tools with integrated sales and data insights can help you take your business to the next level with a deeper understanding of your customers and their preferences.

    5. Make 2023 the year you finally get your business online

    If your business does not already offer an online store option, getting your business a quick and easy-to-use solution to start creating that online presence and capturing your online customers should be a priority this year.

    Aside from the massive benefits of setting up eCommerce, statistics point to the importance of capturing an ever growing online market (about 12% year-over-year). Not only are eCommerce trends forecasted to continue to grow, but so are the importance of things like social commerce- and the need for hosted payment pages or a quick link to an online checkout.

    An online checkout opens up new opportunities for sales as customers no longer need to visit a physical location in order to purchase goods or services from your company, but also gives you more organization and features than trying to manage orders through direct messages on Instagram for example.

    Getting started doesn’t need to be complicated, and you don’t need a website or web designer. If you want to get a head start on your new year’s goals for finally getting an ecommerce presence, start with an easy-to-use free online checkout.

    Is this the year you reach your business goals?

    As the New Year starts with a clean slate, let's make 2023 your most organized year yet! Freeing up time and working smarter are common challenges faced by businesses— but it all starts with setting yourself actionable resolutions that you can commit to.

    Writing down your goals is key - research shows it can increase success rates by over 1.4 times- that’s why we’ve put together this list to help you get started. Take some time this month to plan out your goals and consider which pain points you can relieve with the right tools. P.S. Don’t worry about cutting back on spending after the holidays, all our tools are free with our free Helcim account (and synchronized) so you get everything you need up front with no hidden price tag. Happy organizing!

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