Critical Components of a Successful Online Store
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Critical Components of a Successful Online Store

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Danny Randell | November 5, 2020

“When it comes to running an online store, there are several important elements to consider before you can launch your online store.”
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The crucial impact of having an online store on your business

Having an online presence can be a crucial element for your business model as it helps you connect with more customers and open up additional sales channels. An online store can take on many forms, and it's essential that you have the flexibility to include certain features that can set your business apart. All of your payment tools, from your virtual terminal, online store, and beyond should be able to smoothly connect and communicate under one account for you and your team. Read on to learn about what you should consider as you begin offering online credit card processing options for your business.


Your online store should offer a seamless transition for customers going from in-person to online interactions with your business. This attention to detail in branding can significantly impact how customers feel and whether they decide to complete a purchase or share your products and services with others. Consider using a payment processor that makes it easy to set up and host your site, while also offering different design and customization options so you can ensure your online store matches your brand. Easy to use tools mean you can forgo hiring programmers and incurring additional costs to your business. Other features to seek out in an online store would be the ability to add discount codes, configure your tax calculations, and create custom content pages. Your business could also create community updates or a blog to share information with your audience, and help you better connect with your customers in an online environment.

Customer Management

Storing customer information can be helpful for strategizing internally while also making it easier to process future payments for your customers. You should be able to customize your data fields when someone is completing a transaction so you can gather the information that matters the most to your business. Whether you are using virtual terminal credit card processing or facilitating online transactions through your online store, all your payment data should sync across your account. Choosing a payment processor that offers multiple payment acceptance tools can also help you create subscription models or set up recurring payments to meet your business needs. Additional features like a secure card vault and a self-service customer portal can make it easy to store payment information and allow customers the opportunity to update their information or view their payment history at any time.


If you're going to accept online payments, it's important to set up a secure website for your business. Look for a credit card processing company that sets up your online store with an SSL certificate. Be sure that this is automatically installed, so your business does not have to purchase this from a third-party and incur additional expenses. It's critical that your payment provider can securely store sensitive data in compliance with industry standards, as to avoid costly fines. Seek out additional security requirements like multi-factor authentication, password protection, and daily data backups that can all help protect your business and your customer's sensitive payment information. The provider you choose should prioritize transparency and make these processes and tools clear and easy to use. Look to see if they have a readily available customer service team to assist your company if ever needed. Finally, selecting a provider that is already trusted by thousands, with a solid reputation for protecting sensitive business data can help give your business peace of mind.

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