How Hosted Payment Pages Help You Get Paid
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How Hosted Payment Pages Help You Get Paid

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Miranda Russell | November 17, 2020

“Hosted Payment Pages make it easy for businesses to offer online solutions without having to create a online store. Read how to enable them.”
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    What are hosted payment pages?

    If you've submitted payment for an event, donated to an organization, rented a piece of equipment, or paid for a tour while on vacation, there's a good chance you were using a Hosted Payment Page.

    Hosted Payment Pages make it easy for businesses to offer online solutions without having to create a full online store. If you want to offer more online payment solutions for your business, but you don't want or need a full online store yet, using Hosted Payment Pages can be a perfect solution. Each time you create a payment page, you will also generate a variety of options that can be used to direct your customers to the page. These include URLs, Buy or Pay Now buttons, and QR Codes. When your customer visits your page they can quickly enter their payment details and complete the transaction.

    Why Choose Hosted Payment Pages?

    Using Hosted Payment Pages makes it easy for your business to meet customers where they are. While many businesses and segments of the economy have been struggling since COVID began, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index (DEI), e-commerce grew 25% during the height of the shutdowns in March compared to the previous two week period.

    Being asked to stay in their homes didn't stop consumers from spending, but instead, they've turned to their laptops and mobile devices to complete their purchases instead of visiting stores in-person. By creating Hosted Payment Pages for your business, you can capture some of these online sales and continue to connect with your customers. While being able to accept payments online before the Spring of 2020 was important for businesses, it has now become crucial as business disruptions and changing consumer trends are putting a large emphasis on the ability to shop online.

    Creating online payment pages ensures your products and services are accessible to customers when they are looking for them, and they can help maintain brand recognition if you're temporarily unable to serve customers in-person.

    How to Use Helcim Hosted Payment Pages

    Creating a Hosted Payment Page is easy. Simply log in to your Helcim account, select the type of page you want to create, and customize the details. We include helpful tutorials for both custom and templated payment pages, and our team of Helcim Gurus is always here to help if you need a hand getting started.

    Once you have created the payment page, there are several deployment options, including payment buttons you can add to your site, links, and QR codes. Here are some ideas for how you can share them with your customers:

    • Add a Pay Now button or link to your existing website to direct customers to your payment page.
    • Print a QR Code and display it on your store window, doors, or at your checkout.
    • Add a link to your social media bio's or in your social media posts to promote your page and online payment options.
    • Add the links or buttons to your email campaigns to encourage sales and highlight upcoming events if you're selling tickets.

    What Can You Use Hosted Payment Pages for?

    There are endless uses for payment pages due to their flexible nature. You can create one for any product or service you want to sell online. Some popular examples of different ways Helcim merchant have used Hosted Page Pages are to:

    • Collect tips without having to give cash by setting up a blank payment page so customers can enter the payment amount of their choice.
    • For donations to charities or registered non-profits, your business can create a blank page or several different pages for suggested donation amounts.
    • To register payment information on file for hotels or those in the hospitality industry by setting up a payment page for a pre-authorization only.
    • To quickly purchase a specific product, for example, if you rent a few specific items out, it can be convenient to create a payment page for each item so customers can quickly pay for the item.
    • To promote a special item or package deal, creating payment pages to promote seasonal deals, special packages, or one-off products can help drive sales. For example, a holiday gift box that's only available for a limited time.
    • To collect pre-orders for items you're considering offering, the payment page will let you collect payment before you have to order inventory and will let you know exactly how many items you should bring in.

    For easy payments at drop-in events or services, for example, if you're hosting a yoga in the park event, drop-in workouts, or a digital yoga class. You can share the link with attendees or print and display a QR code at the event to collect payments without having to worry about accepting cash. For service-based businesses, including photographers hosting mini-sessions where they want to get a group of people to sign up for a specific package. Hosted payment pages are a truly flexible online payment solution that keeps you connected with your customers and makes it easy for you to accept payment. You can create a payment page from your Helcim account, where you can also find access to all of Helcim's other online and contactless payment tools.

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